The Decade I Gave The Media Hell

I’ve written so many pieces about the media’s questionable coverage. I hone in on the inconsistency that became a wild animal when Donald Trump hijacked the news cycle. Our national terror became the catalyst for the current nightmare, courtesy of cable news networks, with star anchors, who only cover mass shootings when they actually happen, and the casualties are astronomical.

There’s also the messy packaging, that pledges allegiance to nothing that resembles the articles of integrity and the selfless duty to uphold the honorable blueprint that keeps truth-tellers holed up in precarious situations.

Jamal Khashoggi and Daphne Caruana Galizia, were both killed by the Saudi government and government corruption in Malta, respectively.

There’s no doubt that Khashoggi who was brutally slaughtered in October 2018, shortly after arriving at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and Caruana Galizia ,who perished seconds after entering her car from a detonated bomb outside her home in October 2017 — supremely embodied the unrelenting love for each of their oppressive territories.

That devotion inspired the bravery to expose powerful perpetrators, who commit crimes against humanity with the assurance that those deadly actions will continue to put vulnerable populations at risk without consequences or justice for faceless victims.

Khashoggi and Caruana Galizia paid the ultimate price for their hazardous vocation, and there are many more who suffer a similar fate for being targeted journalists, who hail from homelands that don’t recognize the privilege of freedom of speech.

President Trump’s war on the media has been elevated to a state of emergency with his incredibly dangerous pet name of “enemy of the state,” which has led to domestic terrorism.

One of his attentive supporters was eventually apprehended after he had sent several bomb packages to high-profile individuals and organizations on Trumps’s shit list, including CNN’s New York bureau in late fall 2018.

Fox News is the preferred outlet for an over-powered thug, who is accustomed to a level of pampering that can only be comparable to the lethality of his Whiteness.

This guarantees that a prominent media organization, founded by another pompous and lawless White male, will swear allegiance to a seasoned criminal who was installed by a murderous dictator named Vladimir Putin.

Thankfully the rules and regulations in America, make it impossible for Trump to willfully capture, jail and kill the journalists who dare to shame him for his nefariousness for the whole world to see.

So, why aren’t more media personalities stepping up to the plate when it comes to cohesive coverage?

Why isn’t warranted attention paid to the breaking news that falls off the radar whenever Trump’s particularly bad day can’t be ignored in favor of helpless American citizens, who tried in vain to drive under an authorized bridge?

As 2020 approaches, we have to fear the worst when it comes to how the media will handle the hysteria around the upcoming elections, and the impeached president, who isn’t going anywhere because of his privilege, and the supremacy from White evangelism that fuels his omnipotence.

I will never stop holding the media accountable because that’s the only way to combat the epidemic of complicity and practiced nonchalance.

The issues that matter have to take centerstage or else we are truly fucked.

Here’s some of the gripes that barely cover why I had no choice but to give the media hell!

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