The Daily Beast Represents the Careless Journalism You Love, So Stop Bitching and Start Acting

It looks like Goldie Taylor may have to finally work hard enough to earn her pay. Not to say, that the editor-at-large of The Daily Beast hasn’t proven time and time again that she is more than capable of living up to her title — but sometimes shit gets in the way.

It appears that an ambitious piece curated by Nico Hines that details how homosexuals who happen to be stationed Olympians — navigate the world of dating while horny and in the closet.

I didn’t quite fathom how disgustingly contrived and debilitating the facts were until I reluctantly gave in to the poisonous click bait.

It was then that I realized that I had stopped following the smelly online pub. To be honest, I can’t recall why I discarded them but at least I can rest easy in the knowledge that my instincts weren’t far off the mark.

I am quite certain that I was confronted with another gross account of why a certain league of the population thrives — despite their adherence to salacious fodder.

Here’s the thing, The Daily Beast is being vilified for outing members of a population that are deemed open to public persecution. Yes, the piece that was curated in an attempt to spice up the appetite of anyone invested in the formulation of the Olympic games — was obviously propped to detonate with sparked eyeballs and retweets signaling a home run.

Thankfully that did not transpire.

Instead, we are knee deep in reactionary spreadsheets that detail the range of our discontent as we try to gauge how reporters are submerged under pressure with the task of overwhelming the competition with confessions that rival the seedy and dim-lit rooms of real life hoes and Hoes.

Except none of the participants who trained like crazy for a spot on the global stage would’ve willingly traded their earned place in history for a quick mention in an essay that reeks of generic suicide.

Yes, it’s appalling to be faced with our favorite things — only to realize that your current drug of choice is laced with terminal consequences.

We bought into the truth that displayed all the reasons why spiced up gossip at all costs is best suited for our times.

Form The Real Housewives to Love & Hip Hop — there is no shortage of wattage that escalates every time we hit the button that presents the scenario that will surely detonate at our command.

A racist, fascist, sexist, wealthy White man who has bulldozed more homes than I care to recall is running for the presidency of a country that I claim as my own. He is unapologetic and haughty with his damning statements about people of color, immigrants and anyone who doesn’t fit in neatly with his status quo.

Yet, despite his dangerous rhetoric that has been responsible for the deaths of every Black person since he announced his candidacy — we still respectfully recognize the power in the fact that he might become the next President of the United States of America.

How can we expect news organizations to stick to a standard that refutes the notion that we are headed down a slippery slope when the government has already lost its balance and displays no indication of getting it back.

We are fucked. But, you knew that already.

The Daily Beast is no different from any of the media outlets that rebel against walking the fine line of decency. We are on the brink of delegating assignments that push an imaginary envelope because at this point anything is acceptable submission as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight.

And we all know those limits have stretched beyond measurement.

But, you love it. You always have. When a rebel shouts out the deplorable you instinctively retweet and quote the outrage — but before then you were all in. It’s okay. We’ve been built that way.

Just don’t bitch about what you champion. However, if it’s that’s bothersome to you— show it.

I’m trying but it’s not sticking. Help!

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