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Why The Blissful Bloodless World Of Ivanka Trump, The First Daughter, Who is Cowardly Silent, Will Eventually Crumble

I didn’t really pay much attention to Ivanka Trump until her father decided that he needed to compete for the highest office in the land. Her faithful presence at the events that hosted Donald Trump’s abhorrent — and often times combative behavior — seemed to indicate the unwavering support she was willing to demonstrate for a man who publicly berates notable women in every facet of the workforce.

His undignified stance when it comes to the treatment of the opposite sex was compounded by the infamous Access Hollywood tape where he was caught describing his sleazy tactics of wooing women — to then host, Billy Bush — whose career trajectory came to a screeching halt — when it was determined that he unabashedly accommodated the questionable antics of the former reality TV star.

Trump went on to win the presidency — and his victory was shockingly verified — the moment the oath of office was complete — and the once sprawling beauty of The White House was suddenly reduced to rubble — by the incoming administration that was surely destined to wreck havoc in ways that would be historically profound.

As most of us wept while the “new sheriff in town” began the quest of trying to figure out what the fuck led him to take on a role that he had no business accepting — the constant in the mighty storm — was Trump’s daughter Ivanka — the woman he admitted he would absolutely date if they weren’t so closely related — and her oddball of a husband — Jared Kushner — who also shares the majestic wealth and privilege of his in-laws.

Another characteristic that Kushner and his wife share — is the ability to float around in silence — while they project the energy of entitlement — wrapped around a mysterious coating of obligation to an administration that is righteously uncouth and downright rotten to the core. Kushner’s role as “senior advisor” to his outrageously incompetent father-in-law — has so far initiated ongoing tension between him — and those that are pathetically competing against the son of another successful real estate mogul — who looks and sounds as suspicious as he’s portrayed.

Ivanka Trump’s assignment as “advisor to POTUS on job creation + economic empowerment, workforce development & entrepreneurship” as displayed in her Twitter bio — may sound impressively elegant in tone with dashes of ambition thrown in for a possible future run for office — but to those on the outside — we can’t deny the seediness in the employment of a woman who is supposedly assisting in areas that she can’t even begin to fully comprehend on a relatable level.

Her stellar educational background was already a given — even before her christened name “Ivana” became “Ivanka” — and of course her employment status has known no bounds — as she shifted from part-time model — and one of Maxim’s Hot 100 — to highly-ranked corporate roles — before settling for the inevitable lure and ease of entrepreneurship.

That was all before a bullish tycoon decided to expand his empire past the conquered territory of New York — by purchasing the greediness and misguided loyalty of citizens and politicians — who still don’t regret the wrath of doom they’ve activated — with charges that will accrue for decades to come.

Ivanka’s newly-minted position as a senior level officer in her father’s administration — caused many to wonder about her qualifications as it pertains to having access to classified information — and permission to rove around the Oval Office with the authority her last name has always afforded her.

As the critics grew louder — it became apparent that she would have to speak directly to those who don’t buy the fact that she and her husband — rightfully earned their esteemed positions — specially endorsed by a man who was elected by White supremacists and domestic terror groups who are now free to unleash their destructive itineraries.

Back in the spring of 2017 — Ivanka was interviewed by “CBS This Morning” staple — Gayle King — and the conversation was intended to give viewers the assurance they needed to cut the First Daughter some slack while still remaining patriotically cautious.

King asked all the right questions and Ivanka’s responses were expectedly vague and at times troubling as she made it quite clear that she was in fact “her father’s daughter” — and even though she was willing to acknowledge that there were plenty of instances when she disagreed with the president — there was no way in hell she would ever publicly challenge his controversial choices.

Ivanka’s way of explaining her silence in the midst of the turmoil and chaos that her father was fostering — was to stoically declare her preferred method of deflecting blows from naysayers — who are unfortunately in the dark when it comes to how much more effective she is “behind the scenes” — as opposed to being front and center — with a bullhorn and a mission:

“If me being complicit is a force for good then call me complicit. No matter what I do — people are going to say something about me.”

“We’re living in a polarizing time when noise equals advocacy and I disagree with that.”

Almost a year later — Ivanka Trump — The First Daughter of America — Advisor to POTUS — is still blissfully dwelling in the bloodless world that permits her to remain silent — even as the country that she chose to serve is buckling under the strain of gloom and acute tyranny.

Its’s hard to imagine Chelsea Clinton or even Malia Obama — embodying a similar role in their father’s administration — and being able to restrain themselves from the responsibility of vocalizing their disdain at the realization that a White House aide — who was accused of being a wife beater — somehow prompted the unadulterated praise of the president — after his disgraceful exit — with the purposeful omission of his alleged victims.

Ivanka has managed to follow in the steps of friend and former employee — Hope Hicks — the White House Communications Director — who also shares a privileged upbringing and is now a trusted confidant of the president as well as the recent ex-girlfriend of Rob Porter — the former White House aide and alleged abuser.

The media does a fine job of presenting high-profile White women who behave badly with an air of dignified mystery that absolves them of their sins — by washing them clean with the alternative that they are perhaps privately victimized by circumstances beyond their control.

It happened with Melania Trump — and it’s happening with Hicks — as she enjoys splashy reviews by credible outlets including the recent entry in GQ that labels the Greenwich-bred twenty-nine-year-old as “the most powerful in Trump’s Washington.”

But — Ivanka’s legacy is ongoing — and her strategy is transparently damning — as she messily tries to prove without a doubt — her ability to moonlight as the silent warrior for women’s economic empowerment — as she struts out of her high-priced Washington DC townhouse — clothed in designer duds — armed with the smile that keeps the the Daily Mail on standby.

Her refusal to radically denounce the offensiveness of her father’s administration even when the stakes are at all-time high — is disgusting and all the evidence we need to condemn her pitiful attempts at persuading American women that she’s an ally.

Her actions speak louder than the “noise” she “disagrees” with — and from what can be gathered — Ivanka is compliant with her father’s rules of conduct.

Either that — or she is suffering in silence in the hopes that she can ride out her father’s tumultous term through the nonsensical tweets — that capture her sitting in on meetings or praising the work or outcome of her laborious hours — so that it all shapes up to her political aspirations.

There’s no doubt that Ivanka is determined to follow her father’s footsteps and that’s why she’s actually way more dangerous than the current — President Trump.

Her goal to remain bloodless only soaks her with more of the blood that has already been shed and will continue to flow — as her father’s allegiance to the NRA will prevent any hopes of curbing the virus of gun violence — that has already taken the lives of too many of our children.

Whatever work Ivanka Trump believes is being achieved under her care — will absolutely not be able to save her from the fate of being aligned with one of the most potently vile presidencies this nation has ever endured.

Her cowardice is already recorded for historical purposes — and she can also prepare to be remembered as one of the “women of the administration” who made it a lot harder for the movement to sustain momentum — amid the toxic tolerability of male dominance — that her father encouraged through his revolving door of abusers.

In the end — Ivanka said it best when speaking to King — while sharing her summation of how she will be regarded when the nightmare is finally over.

“Most of the impact I will have over time — most people will actually not know about.”

No truer words were ever spoken.

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