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This is Black and Brown America

The Black and Brown Children in the Baltimore County School System Can Make America Great Again

If they don’t freeze to death first

The deep freeze gripping majority of the nation in the past couple of weeks has given weather forecasters a lot to contend with as they try in vain to convince us that this unbearably frigid spell will pass.

In the meantime the idiot Commander-in-Chief with the “bigger button” tweeted his views about the icy temps and inadvertently displayed his brand of ignorance by stupidly suggesting that “cold” East Coast could benefit from “global warming.”

Trump’s shenanigans from 2017 have filtered into 2018 — as the conversation is now immersed in the scandalous book that details pretty much what we’ve already gathered — as we navigate these trying times of Making America Great Again and how this promise tragically and expectedly excludes Black and Brown America.

What we should be obsessed with is the issue of school kids in Baltimore County, Maryland who should be groomed for Greatness — but instead have to deal with the sins of grown ups with nefarious tendencies — who would rather delay the comfort of innocent children than lawfully provide basic amenities.

It was widely reported that on one of the coldest weeks in history — school kids based in the Baltimore County school system were forced to sit in classrooms that had no heat.

Thereby forcing them to endure the unimaginable — while dressed in winter gear that most likely did very little to protect them from the threat of pneumonia or other serious ailments that typically unfold from extended exposure to extreme weather.

The Baltimore Teachers Union reportedly took measures by “urging the city to shut down all schools until officials can get a handle on heating problems that left children shivering.”

It’s absolutely unacceptable that in a country that boasts riches and a standard of living that remains unrivaled — we can harbor the horrific treatment of children who deserve to be handled with care and a level of respect — that’s organic and almost spiritual in approach.

But of course that kind of treatment is only reserved for White kids.

The first thought that blasted through my mind as I internalized the disturbing details of misappropriated funds and the purposed delays — that have led to the utter embarrassment and disgrace of politicians and elected officials who have taken to Twitter to expose their weight of shit — was that only Black and Brown children could be subjected to frozen classrooms that go unchallenged.

I recalled how while working at JPMorgan’s Private Bank — I was privy to how the overpaid White executives ensured that their privileged offspring benefited from the millions that were stolen at the expense of those who lost everything during the economic crisis of 2008.

Now, we have a situation where the children of Black and Brown parents that are basically living from hand to mouth in a city that has been historically fraught with violence — and the generalization of onlookers who treat the devastation the same way they handle other territories — that are branded “war zones” — are now paying the ultimate price for the misfortune of being born without the security of their White counterparts.

What are we if we can tolerate the imagery of children freezing to death with casual interest as we cheer on movie stars dressed in sparkling black gowns with slathers of makeup who are convinced that this is a legitimate form of protest?

No, these two instances aren’t connected — but it has to be said that the ones that suffer the most rarely get a shoutout from those in positions of influence — who should be flexible enough to condemn the wrongs of institutional assholes — who have no qualms working in well-heated skyscrapers — while our future inheritors are huddled in classrooms that can barely generate enough heat to keep a dog happily content.

Nobody gives a flying fuck because the kids are from areas that are typically deprived of the very best America has to offer — and so it make sense that the inhabitants — regardless of how young they are — suffer for the scorn of sheer bad luck that can’t be reversed.

And yet — these are children with brilliant minds and the desire to make this country what it should and will be — and the teachers — including my own mother who works as a substitute — can attest to that fact.

There’s no immediate solution to this alarming issue — and of course there isn’t a ground swell of outrage because it’s award season and that takes precedence over everything — including the needs of young impressionable darlings who could really use a whole lot of tender, loving care — right about now.

We need to thoroughly examine what it means to be American and how that relates to all who fall under that description.

All children are more precious than gold and they don’t have to possess blonde ringlets or a Spanish nanny for that logic to apply. It’s such a buzzkill to behold what we’ve become even when we profess to care enough.

Making America Great Again is way more than the avid return to White supremacy.

It’s also the vow to ensure that the future will be the antidote to the present nightmare that had to happen in order to re-imagine the possibilities that will surely grace us with the return to blessed normalcy.

But — we have to save the children first. All Black and Brown of them.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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