The Beloved City Estranged

Above ground and in water

the slush of footsteps and heads walking with no bodies

roofs above scream as the drips of residue circumcise the battle within

clouds hover with anger as the beetles run to hide from the trumpet of ownership

in due time, the sun will reclaim the dance that was never hard to learn

This city is loved by strangers that inhabit the cracks of years ago

they broaden with time and the friction provides the escape to death and drowning

They live after they are washed away with the dirt and pebbles of nature

flowery dresses with elastic bands grip the dolls that move their eyes each time

the ground shifts.

There is no warning.

Just the safety of the wind and the sound of earthly fury that comes after prayers have been answered

The repentant hold their loins and curl into balls of fire

flames billowing with expectancy as the structures bow down to every syllable that emits

from the rubble.

Stewed parts of man and accomplice simmer in the enlarged feast of thousands

circulating with the guide of a crippled compass

Lead us to the city we love

the gap between us is large and bold

This affair will never end

no matter the level of estrangement

the sun is out

But, our eyes are closed.

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