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Yeah…not the nanny.

That Asian Mom Is Not The Nanny, But We Are Too Lazy To Prove That Fact

That’s the real tragedy imprinted on the video of the moment

Yes, the video of the moment is hysterical. Anyone who has done a Skype interview can empathize with the panic that ensues when all hell breaks loose.

Except in this case it wasn’t hell — it was heavenly!


The well-dressed professor — seizing the moment in the spotlight without ever considering that his offspring had other plans that epically thwarted his mission.

The baby launching into the room with gusto has to be the most endearing moment of the show. Then in bursts a woman who has evidently been outrun and outsmarted by a pair of adorable kiddies.

When the video hit my timeline — I was more mesmerized by the baby’s joyous entrance than anything else. It was after multiple viewings that I paid attention to the Asian woman who blasted in at the speed of lightening and proceeded to haul the children out with mighty hands and the disposition of horror.

I will be honest and admit that I assumed she was the nanny.

I thought this because of the way she reacted to a situation that was clearly out of control and even worse — publicly documented. This is what I want to believe — but I can’t deny that the fact that she was Asian and he was White didn’t play some role in my assumption.

What I can say is that I’m proud that I refused to accept my conclusion as fact until I had done the research. Yes, my instincts were contrived and wrong — but at least I maximized the resources at my disposal to figure out that the woman that raced into the room to collect the kids was in fact their mother and the professor’s wife.

By the time, I had realized my private mistake — other media outlets had made their snafu public.

Most notably, — a pub that rarely gets anything right in the first place — the writers scrambled up a piece that referred to the woman in the video as the “frenzied nanny.”

It’s all good because once it had been discovered that Jung-a Kim was the Korean born wife of Robert E. Kelly — the article was updated accordingly.

This is now the acceptable form of investigative journalism.

There is no adherence to the truth the first time out. What matters is how quickly we can tweet out the baity headline with the video to boot. The information that we disperse doesn’t have to be accurate because we don’t really care about the truth. In fact none of us actually read the content that has been curated for our benefit.

We glaze over it to satisfy the quota while we scroll down for the video.

Editorial teams have peeped this habit and they are all in. Fact checkers and proofreaders no longer apply and their services don’t hold any relevance. The goal is to print shit and then update after the staggering numbers are confirmed.

I recently worked at a high-profile entertainment news publication and my short stint was an eye-opener. My approach to shelling out content that matched my need for excellence and accuracy was met with scorn and a warning that I was heading in the wrong direction.

The Deputy Editor who was about my age called me into his office to have a chat about my less than stellar social media skills. Yes, I was having a hell of a time finessing my way through the brutal task of scheduling overnight tweets that were supposed to be consistently appetizing.

I never pretended that I was uncannily capable of relieving the social media team of their responsibilities during the night shift — I just assumed that my prowess at tackling subjects with precision and grace would bail me out of trouble.

It didn’t.

I knew I was done when I was told that my writing skills couldn’t rescue the reality of how tweeting winning heds, images and video links to perfection was literally the only way to guarantee a seat at the table.

When you inhale and exhale the nonsensicality of that confession — it becomes vitally clear why being a writer in this day and age sucks ass. We are tending to a society of bum asses who don’t have the desire or patience to utilize the extensive tools at their disposal.

How easy is it — to quickly Google a relatively known name in order to avoid the embarrassment of labeling his wife “the nanny?”

It’s appalling that media outlets refuse to take the time and effort to ensure that they are never caught unawares. It’s insane that despite the extensive accessibility to information that surpasses anything we could’ve imagined a decade ago — we still find it disarmingly challenging to produce cohesive pieces that are free from misinformation or avid coercion.

The internet has convinced us that we have all the time and freedom to update and revise and this fundamental right has wrecked havoc on an institution that no longer holds the esteem from yester years.

The real tragedy of the video is how the mother was labeled “the nanny.”

But not because of the stereotypical fodder that I unfortunately played into for a little while — but because it proves how diseased and hopeless the art of journalism has become and why there is no indication that things will improve.

It’s basically like an episode of Black Mirror. The callousness of editors who don’t give a fuck about educating their writers about the integrity of providing the public with the real deal as opposed to recycled shit that is always on standby for that much-needed “update.”

People’s lives are at stake and the truth is out there as they say. When the X-Files hit — we were cheering for Mulder and Scully as they courageously sought out what they believed.

We are lucky to have the truth at our fingertips, and yet despite this blessing — we can’t seem to avoid the temptation of pretending like we still dwell in a modest era that lacks the embodiment of progress and empowerment.

It’s just a click away — and yet, it’s still not enough.

Laziness is a Mutha!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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