Thanks to Donald Trump, We Now Accommodate White Men Killing Black Men and Surrendering With Pride and Fortitude

An ex-NFL player was gunned down in broad daylight. Joe McKnight was unarmed and allegedly got into a heated argument with a White man — Ronald Gasser, 54, who uttered these words before murdering his unsuspecting victim:

I told you not to fuck with me.

The football star was still in his prime and only 28-years-old at the time of his death. The circumstances that led to the volatile situation between the two men still needs to be sorted. But, what can’t be disputed is the way the media delivered the unnerving news. Road rage has been nominated as the cause of the tragedy. McKnight was reportedly dragged out of his car by his killer while they “exchanged words” and then shots were fired.

A star athlete was reduced to bullet-ridden puddle as Gasser stood over the victim’s lifeless body and continued his senseless rant.

It all happened in Louisiana — the state of the dead athlete’s birth — a place that I once lived and ran away from once it was clear that racial tensions were higher than any levee that could reverse the pain of years past.

America never quite overcame the capacity to keep marginalized groups buried in the sands of time. We wanted to believe that the election of a Black president could wash away all the sins and permit the need to exhale with relief at the prospect that the bad old days are long gone.

Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, fascist pig is going to be your president because you gave him the power to rule in order to keep the habit of chains and bullets alive.

All through the last two years of strife — that saw brutality by White police officers who ravaged the streets with streak anxiety as they carried out mayhem and chaos on men of color at will — without the license to kill — the ardent vigilantes tried to overrule the climate of hate and desperation.

Even Black boys and girls haven’t been exempt from the silent rule of contempt against their kind. And yet, we accommodate the punishment for the sake of those who died knowing that we would also suffer in their absence.

There has been a spike in hate crimes ever since Trump became the person who will succeed President Obama. White people who have been laying low for eight years are now unwilling to stay underground. So, they are rising to the surface with the support of an incoming administration that is already giving them the freedom to publicly kill Black people — and then proudly release themselves to cops who cuddle them after they execute the enemy.

This is the America that we know and this is the country that we’ve created.

The media also play the asshole card by not labeling these crimes for what they really are — HATE CRIMES.

Road rage is a subtle way to avoid the unthinkable. It is a righteous cop out (no pun intended). It screams all the reasons why being a journalist today is a wasted endeavor because nobody is brave enough to sit in the editor’s chair and demand the delivery of news that isn’t supposed to be easy to digest.

Your incoming Commander-in-Chief is proud of his affiliation with groups that replicate his lust for the times when ethnic groups were regulated to the cotton fields and industrial landings that demanded their backs for implementation.

Trump is racist and the people who voted for him are also racist bastards and this country is going to hell.

As we head towards that direction — more hate crimes will continue to rule our existence and the media will continue to pretend that it is not happening because they want to keep their contacts intact and unalarmed.

Access to Trump and his henchmen is fundamental for survival. How else will traffic move swiftly so the numbers validate another year of profits and the promise of an Instagram bible?

The think pieces that try to dissect how on earth we got to our present predicament make me laugh but also startle me. How can you not see it? When you remain in denial — there is no way you can stock up on ammunition and defeat the enemy. You have no enemy to thwart.

You just have the truth in its most repulsive form.

Shame on the media for being too sad to release the tears of our emancipation — we are now tasked with adjusting to a term that will see White men killing Black men and then allowing the cops to sedately lead them to the finish line.

This is the America you have chosen. I hope you enjoy it.



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