Thanks for this. I think the reason why it seems like we aren’t telling enough of our stories is because Hollywood was never receptive to our ability to do exactly that — until now.

The reason Confederate was conceived is because it’s a timely pitch — and the two men bringing it to life have the power and resources to make it happen.

Diversity is now all the rage and everyone wants to cash in — and they are doing it with gusto.

The good news is that we do have a handful of filmmakers that are stepping into the spotlight — and helping to elevate the stories that were dormant due to lack of interest and funding.

I have no issue with creators taking the initiative to produce stories of interest. I just hate that sometimes the incentive is misplaced — and so obviously tied to the present climate of racial discord.

Also, it sucks that so many Black creatives were never in positions that granted them the access and privilege of convincing studio heads to invest in their stories.

It’s all so layered and yet very clear at the same time.

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