Thanks for the mention Alexainie! I’m treading lightly when it comes to what to expect from this platform — moving forward.

I’m grateful for Medium because I have become the writer I always hoped I would be — and the following I have amassed has surpassed my expectations by far.

That being said — I’m aware of the marketing systems in place that are supposed to convince us that we are signing up for something that will be exclusively for our benefit.

I did commit to being a “founding member” with the intention that I would end my subscription after a one month trial.

Incidentally, I was hanging with a friend this morning and we were discussing Medium’s latest and greatest. He convinced me to see if I could reinstate my membership — and to my surprise — I wasn’t able to.

I got an error message encouraging me to keep trying and that message still persists.

Whether or not I get to reactivate my status is besides the point. I don’t need to be a “founding member” to do what I love to do. I will continue to produce my best work and hope that what I publish will always belong to me — no matter what.

I’m grateful to you and the other readers that continuously prove their loyalty to me even when my words sting. You are the reason why Medium means so much to me.

The rest is out of my control and most likely another demonstration of the urgency of the climate that reduces us to numbers — clogged in a queue for bots to expertly sort and divide.

As the saying goes: What will be will be.

In the meantime, the quest to be my own master continues.

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