Thanks for the compliment about my writing. I included the Instagram post that documents what he said. I used that as reference for this piece.

My point is that men don’t have the right to criticize how women choose to groom themselves. There is really no reason to publicly shame Black women for doing what women of other races also practice, but somehow they escape the wrath of Black men who prefer to be seen with them — regardless of their grooming preferences.

Also, Tyrese initiated this negative vibe due to his need for attention at all costs. He introduced his bride and then added the hashtag #BlackQueen — when it’s clear that his wife sports the ambiguous aesthetic that most Black men in the industry lust after and eventually wife up.

The truth is that Black men are free to be with whomever they choose. I’m an equal opportunity dater — but in my case — I don’t publicly demean Black men or blame them for making it hard for me to be with them.

Black women demand respect. How we choose to present ourselves is our business — if men like Tyrese don’t find that appealing — then leave us alone and find the naturalista of your dreams.

Except, men like Tyrese never seem to end up with the women they profess to admire.

That’s why it’s ironically infuriating.

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