Thank you to my Medium readers! You make every year — Great!

I wish I could write this on my two-year-old MacBook Air but the keyboard is dying and I’m forced to surrender to the biggest scam of all time!

Apple has perfected the art of producing mediocre products with high-end prices that default right after the warranty runs out.

Steve Jobs gave me the super machine that was the MacBook 2008, and his untimely death gave me an inferior prototype, that will torture me for as long as I can stand it.

So the iPhone that costs more than rent is the device I’m using to say a great big:


To all my readers, who have never wavered, even when shit got weird on this platform that has given me so much. Thank you for keeping me loyal through the tumbles and stagnant seasons.

I love to write, and having this daily regimen has allowed me to employ that discipline in other projects that I hope will lift off when the time is right.

I may not be able to respond back dutifully — but please know that I’m aware and gratified of what you’ve brought to my career.

I get the glorious reminders of how dollars and cents can’t compensate for the feedback and reassurances from my staples!

I will continue to do what I do until the years run out, and hopefully you will stick around because I definitely need my roadies!

Stay tuned and be good!

Make 2019 — Yours!

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