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Thank You Jemele Hill For Standing Up For Black Women Who Will Always Need You

Yes, I’m thanking Jemele Hill for being a Black woman with a voice. I realize that such a disposition is intolerable, but for the sake of sanity — let’s take a moment to reflect.

This is a woman who reminds me of what it was like — when I was told to erase the testimony I provided after the summer months were almost over and I was told to take a hike. I wrote about the tyranny of big name organizations that are supposed to convince you about the worth of Disney World — while fucking over working class Americans who can’t believe in fairy tales.

Jemele Hill is a Black woman who has all she needs and more to continue the trajectory that White women like Megyn Kelly earn from the Whiteness of hard-work and the promise of what Blonde hair can manifest when darkness threatens the norm.

Hill, wasn’t supposed to be militant in her approach because only White men who grab pussies and boast about it — have the right to be rambunctiously hard-headed when faced with tribunals that illustrate how White privilege can’t be that accessible.

I think of Sandra Bland, every time Jemele Hill populates my timeline.

The reason is easy to reckon. Bland was a young Black woman, on the verge of claiming the tools that would lead her to higher ground. Unfortunately for her, she was regulated to a State Trooper who had a chip on his shoulder — and the impatience of a stunted toad.

He couldn’t reconcile the tsunami of Sandra. She didn’t hold back in her delivery as her impending death and legacy — startled her to attention.

She died in jail after being violently yanked from her car, tossed to the ground — and thrown into a waiting vessel — ready to receive another Black body that would soon be an activated hashtag.

White women weren’t very vocal about the atrocity of Black victims that resemble them in spirit but not in the pale hues that give Malibu Beach the incentive to invent waves.

White Feminism and Black feminism will never intersect because White women can’t relate to the warrior nature of Black women who don’t have the time to comfort White pain.

We can’t accomplish that feat and contemplate the reality of belonging to a country with a president that hates Black people and the Black women that birth the source.

Thank you Jemele Hill, for standing up for Black women who will always need you.

You’re alive to keep fighting — thank God!

The Black lives that have been snuffed out for the good of non-Black men in uniform — who kill before measuring — will surely thank you for eternity. You don’t care about the power of steady paychecks and the way loyalty can be bought for pennies.

I personally convey gratitude on the basis that you represent all of us. It’s American to speak up and step forward. White Americans forget this and that’s what causes the shit. You earned the best job ever — and you need to get back to it. You need to be given permission to state your case without the looming judgment from bastards in and out of the White House.

Thank you, Jemele, for being unapologetically Black and for using your womanhood to thwart the lessons of other feminists that have the halo of Whiteness to hide under.

Black women aren’t the piss of America. We are not the stool for analysis or diagnosis. We’re not the shape of things in a country that serves all but us for the greater good. We’re not victims and we don’t need to be victimized for the brutal reminder of how narrow we escaped the elimination process.

We will always need more Jemele(s) in order to perfect the story of us.

We are loud and proud and we’re Black with womanly desires and the steadfastness of authority that still bestows us with responsibilities of being traditionally American — amidst the supremacy of a climate that can’t comprehend the shift of winds.

Black women will continue to do all the work and pay dearly for such dedication. After all — that’s how America became United.

If you don’t believe me listen to the anthem and decide whether or not you’re kneeling or standing. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Just ask Jemele.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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