Thank you for writing this. As an African-American woman — this election cycle has been a disgusting process.

The climate of hate and the lives that are being extinguished based on skin color is something I find very hard to overlook.

I am not voting. I know it sucks and I understand anyone who vehemently disagrees but I am not taking this position lightly.

I won’t choose someone simply because she says all the right things at the right time. She’s worked hard and deserves to win. But, for me, my agenda surpasses the need to help another privileged liar ascend to the thrown of her legacy.

I am looking beyond that. I have changed. My ideals have shifted and so have my goals.

8 years ago — I would be all for the first woman president — but this woman is older and wiser and black.

I can’t compromise and I won’t.

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