Thank you for sharing that. Yeah, I will never forget the night my brother woke me up in a panic because he heard about the plane crash. I didn’t believe it and we immediately checked MTV to see if they had “breaking news”, but of course back then — that was unheard of. Unfortunately it was confirmed that Sunday morning and it was heartbreaking.

I was so stocked about her album Aaliyah and I couldn’t believe that life could be so cruel. She was taken away just when she was about to embark on this exciting, rewarding and fulfilling phase of her life.

I used to believe that things happen for a reason, but as get I older — I just conclude that shit happens — and there is really nothing we can do about it.

I’m just glad that she’s still celebrated for who she was and what she contributed to the landscape of culture during her very short life.

I’m glad you feel the same way too!

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