Thank for reading my piece! The heart of my message is that it might be wise for those of us that are vulnerable to daily persecutions and threats of violence — to concentrate more on methods of progress that will actually yield tangible results.

After an intense discussion with a close friend — it occurred to me that she was right. Racism is never going to fade away. White supremacy and the people that extol it will never vanish from the face of the earth.

The cycle of hate and its consequences will continue to paralyze the Black community. Maybe it’s time to stop fighting and focus on rebuilding and strengthening our resources — while we do all we can to survive the climate that whether checked or unchecked — will continue to fuel tragedy.

It’s a summation of my hope that we can restrain ourselves from giving ugly people the attention and notoriety they don’t deserve.

Racism isn’t a trend. It’s the state of our existence and it’s time to adjust — armed with ammunition for our success — despite it all.

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