“Ghosts /Spirits” from the Booma Collective

Shadows of creamery merge into life sized modules of rosaries. One by one, collages erupt into liquid hues of imagined pewter that escalate into heightened vibrancy with extended gazes.

Rooms into rooms lead to darlings of circumstance, as warmth of crowds feed the lifespan that can be peeled into more numbers of awareness.

Walls that envelope touches from unsure fingers that need to feel aliveness of magnetic fields in alignment with beating hearts.

Blended elements of poached stains separate after visitors disperse. It’s the symbolic journey of packaged spirits, dropping off loot.

Interwoven histories always splash into the convergence of untold secrets, loudly voicing instructions to wealthy patrons, who float in and out of environments that toss out dust.

Fluorescent bulbs tumultuously set the paintings on fire to the burning delight of trapped revelers. The darkness plays touch and go with hidden fears that give silence permission to scream with yells that swell earlobes into submission.

After the ashes become slathered debris of blooming flowers, the ceiling reverts to makeshift mirrors that eat away suffocation.

Beauty is ugliness within the fetus of questions.

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