Stop Youthanizing White Men Who Behave Badly

Ryan Lochte did it and got away with it. Billy Bush was forced into it but never stepped up on behalf of his dignity. And Milo is doing it and getting a group hug from the accepted sentiment that he is White enough and “young” enough to be a bad, bad boy with a bank account that’s bloated enough to prove why it pays to stay that way.

Bill Maher is a stud. I’ve been a fan since the Politically Incorrect days and then when he proved to be too naughty for network TV — naturally cable TV was the only way to go.

Maher recently hosted this social junkie who gets high off from the idiotic rhetoric that has the potential to cost lives while shitting over the souls of those who died in vain.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a name that pains the lips and minds of anyone that registers who the fuck he is.

He is righteous fucker with the privileged wit of another bastard, Olympic star and global liar, Ryan Lochte — who made headlines not too long ago for avidly portraying the generic White guy trapped in the slums of his discontent — who tries to garner empathy for being at the mercy of brutish locals.

Lochte who was 32 at the time — lied that he was robbed at a gas station after a night of drunken fodder with his buddies during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. It was later established that not only was that false, but he had in fact vandalized the station’s bathroom. Even worse, the money he claimed was stolen from him was actually payment for the damage he had incurred.

Lochte was crucified for his tyrant behavior especially since it was obvious that as a White American male — he instinctively relied on that security as a way to lobby his reputation and prove his ability to override the wrong that he purposely instituted.

All through the haunting of a story that carried the stench of ruthless ignorance — there was the theme of romanticized youthful disobedience that annoyingly hovered over every headline.

Lochte and his henchmen were regulated as “32-year-old kids.” A familiarly comfortable way to address how White men logically misbehave without much of a thought process — just like a child who believes that his environment is dedicated to his mandated chaos.

Another bratty White guy who was exposed for his indecent behavior is former Access Hollywood and Today Show host, Billy Bush who got caught in the whirlwind of a scandal that was implanted by a celebrated madman during the treacherous campaign.

Bush also attempted to chuck his willingness to indulge Trump’s vulgar attitude towards women to a “youthful” misstep when he reiterated in his statement:

“This happened 11 years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along.”

It might be worth noting that Bush at the time of the incident was 33. He was old enough to know better and by no means unreachably naïve to recognize what the hell he was endorsing.

And now we come to the present.

We are in a national crisis. We have Trump as president which I won’t even bother trying to translate for your benefit because I’m sure you can decode how very fucked we are as a people.

We are also embodying a time that gives Yay! To anything or anybody that shoots off at the mouth with a vengeance against marginalized communities — that don’t have surnames you can pronounce on a whim — unless you are Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Milo is The One. He’s the alt-right soldier on the battlefield fucking up anybody who sounds like Leslie Jones and dares to attack his particular method of making a living off of the dangerous schemes he implements at — the expense of those who don’t have the freedom to be so brave.

Bill Maher invited him to appear on his HBO show — Real Time with Bill Maher and the episode was a train wreck. The other guests on his show butted heads with Yiannopoulos, including Larry Wilmore who as Breitbart brilliantly reported had “a meltdown” when he was faced with a deranged puppet who’s miserable disposition is responsible for the garbage he unleashed for a fee.

Maher — will always be the shit but he has definitely toppled down some notches for paying someone to venture into his territory in the name of “free speech” and bullshit.

This Milo character is just that — a character. A caricature of what America has reclaimed as sound and reasonable. He is 33, and yet Maher categorizes him as “young” in an effort to perpetuate the lie that he is still in that impressionable stage that allows for mental rehabilitation.

Wrong! White men who are fully grown don’t get to be youthanized as a way to excuse their deplorable behavior.

Tamr Rice, the Black boy who was shot in the gut for playing in the park with a toy gun was described as a grown man by the White cop who shot him. This was the best way to make sense of such a senseless crime.

The buck stops here.

White men are given free reign when it comes to doing whatever the hell charms them because they are seen as human and fallible. Black men are automatically depicted as criminals with the uncanny tendency for being unsuited for the requirements of a civilized existence.

White men are forever young, while Black men are eternally aged. White men are mentally unstable whenever they step out of bounds while Black men are merely embracing the norm when they do things that aren’t permissible.

Black kids are gigantic in their quest to be normal and adventurous which can lead to their demise while White kids are spirited and cute when they shoot that play gun at the White officer who playfully pretends to duck or surrender.

Stop the madness. White men aren’t forever young.

They are boys that become men with the world and dead Black bodies at their feet. No, this isn’t an attempt to collect a debt. This is just a plea to give me break!

You can indulge in the fairy tales but don’t think for a second that it will be a bestseller.

Not, if the character gets away with being an immature thirty-year old pretending to be a teenager when shit hits the fan. Heroes challenge the eye of the storm with no excuses.

It takes color to make that happen, just ask Tamir Rice.

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