Spirits and monsters

She’s in the social hall with boarders

dressed in white-checked frocks. Movie night comprises

of mostly Christian horror flicks and popular Indian offerings,

concentrated in Shakespearean tragedies.

The scariest one yet is the evangelical screamer, A Thief in the Night.

The boarder winces at the bloody violence of hell on earth

for those who tragically remain, after the holy rapture.

It’s so vile, the boarder wishes she could hide in the bushes

and wait for Mami Wata to dispel myths.

Fetching water around the school grounds is systemic haunting

breeding supernatural tales. White invaders didn’t completely

erase deities of phenomenons. Spirits dwell in currents of brownish

whirlpools, surrounded by collection of trees yielding locusts beans

and palm nuts. When the boarders walk over to gather

shelled snacks from heated ground, she senses sleeping giants.

Night falls, and those who dare to tempt water spirits and land monsters

hooded by blackness, slyly venture too far, before racing back

to dimly-lit premises, merrily hysterical.

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