Speech Can’t Ever be Free if Folks Like “Milo” Cost More Than We Can Afford

We can’t have people like Milo running around spewing levels of hate with no consequences to bear. Yes, we can refer to him by his first name because as the author from The Guardian, who wrote the piece: “There must be free speech even for Milo Yiannopoulos,”pointed out:

“Yiannopoulos has risen from minor notoriety as an editor at Breibart known for his hostility to feminism, Islam and liberals to the rarefied heights of those who are routinely referred to by their first name alone: Beyonce, Boris, Madonna, Oprah…and now, ludicrously, Milo.”

Matthew d’Ancona casually omitted Milo’s disdain for people of color. In fact, it’s quite telling that he neglected to mention one of the major scandals from last summer that essentially made his appalling subject a household name.

The hauntingly potent affair transpired on Twitter and it was gross enough to get Milo banned, but not before he wrecked havoc on an innocent user who happened to be Leslie Jones, a cast member of Saturday Night Live and the star of the film that was supposed to make a splashy arrival but ended up being ridiculed and socially banned — because Ghostbusters can only translate when guys don those costumes.

Fair enough, we all have the right to abhor the offerings of Hollywood as long as we don’t rack up victims in the process.

Unfortunately, Milo wasn’t content with just simply convincing his yucky followers to select more appropriate viewing — in typical fashion and in accordance with cowardly lions that roar behind the screen of indignity — Milo decided to rile up the maddening crowd with bait.

Jones, unknowingly fell into the pit that is consistently reserved for a section of the population that are targeted for no other reason than the joy of upholding the shameful rhetoric that is currently nestled in our constitution.

As the hailed voice of the “alt-right” movement, Milo lived up to his reputation by encouraging the onslaught of insults that were hurled at Jones based on his energetic instigations.

Jones was berated for her appearance with comparisons drawn from the species of apes and gorillas — a commonplace dialect that White people like to levy on Black women as a way to devalue our femininity and appeal. It was a rowdy party strewn with wicked confetti that infected the landscape of a platform that had no business hosting such callousness.

Leslie Jones fought back with every ounce of her being, but the drowning noise of hecklers managed by an asshole behind a keyboard that he manipulated with pleasurable venom forced her to vacate her space in haste — but not before she beseeched Twitter to put Milo Yiannopolous’ account on lock.

Twitter responded accordingly:

This is the crux of the issue that I have with d’Ancona’s piece. As noble as his ambition spans — the very idea that we as citizens need to step aside and allow a privileged bigot have free reign when it comes to dominating the conversation of humanity vs. inhumanity — is unfathomable.

The author is convinced that the protestors in Berkeley and the “balavaca-wearing rioters” have done nothing more than fund Milo’s free ride to stardom, which is currently catapulting him to heights unknown.

He is a star but not the kind that will last long enough to be cost effective.

Speech can’t ever be free if folks like Milo cost more than we can stand or even afford. Those of you proclaiming that the rights of a hateful bastard have been unfairly stricken — can comfortably accept this based on the comfort of analyzing from a privileged balcony — overseeing the chaos below with literary fodder.

From where I’m gazing — the view is both inspiring and timely.

How dare Milo Yiannopoulos spout his shit as if it needs to stick. How amazing that Simon & Schuster caught a lot of flack for greedily signing a deal with the devil incarnate. How gorgeous to observe the gleaming flames dousing with vengeance against a man on a mission to kill.

Freedom of speech is afforded to those who utilize that right with responsibility and adherence to the religion of enlightenment that can take many forms — as long as the settled avenue doesn’t carry a death sentence to those who don’t harbor your offerings.

Milo is “Milo” because he fucked his way to the top and he didn’t need to have a big dick to explode and cream all over the “alt-right” and the misguided heathens who voted for Trump — and are now clinging to their bedpost begging for time travel to rescue them from the nightmare of tragic ignorance.

It’s mind-boggling that The Guardian or any progressive publication for that matter would consider giving readers a reason to second-guess the brave souls that took to the streets in an effort to thwart a regime with stipulations that don’t match up to what it takes to make America Great Again.

We are great when we shake up the foundation of White Supremacy to its core with no apologies.

A willful act of defiance is never a “meaningless” endeavor. Hate can never win — and the ability to express how much better you are compared to the groups that you deplore with reckless abandon — will always incite a reaction that can’t be contained within the borders of “freedom” and the “American way.’

You gotta pay up if you intend to milk that crap and if being a pseudo-celebrity is what it takes then give us your name — and we will demand our price.

We’re worth it.

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