Heavy air, hot in warm sheets of caress swaddle exposed skin with shudders of applause that give scenic views lightness of presence. We head to destination near sidewalks that hawk services with shield of ocean kisses. Splendor of architectural funds that display balmy tropes of spicy flavor, as the potency in the air excites expectations of heated fortress of sandy lairs with watery carpeting.

Transparency of historic decors are stand ins for liquor posts that feature machines of spiked Kool-Aid, sprawled about for the tasting. Filled up flasks bursting with colorful concoctions that make the bedspread of euphoric grandeur more stimulating with every glance, are gripped for the short trip to the base of flirtatious bodies in motion.

Melodious literature sooth alertness. Waves rising and dipping into shaped reverie, as each dunk into the shape of life, brings the resurgence of heady peacefulness.

Swelling senses need to be cooled from the sun’s strenuous activity, and so dancing with respectful currents will do. From that distance, the city of sex beckons with soft measures of wooing that gives waterlogged crowds the same level of fandom.

Later it will be platters of items that quench hunger and provide fuel for night festivities with flashlights of decked out partiers, shining up the night sky with carbon-copy scented accessories.

We start all over again; until the bathing of desires are squeaky clean with the dirtiness of what transpired behind palm trees when stilettos dug deep for the big one.

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