Landscape of promises, brimming in the fields billowing with blossoms of sulphuric manifest.

Rising in the dawn of expectations of the scope, apart from

logistics of expression holds the key to nowhere.

Shifting from streams of present and past, while holding away from future,

blessings shower display of shadowed joys.

Heroes and heroines assemble with invisible armor replicating pleasantries,

distinguishing large hearts protruding in defiant play.

What are the secrets that envelope souls in human bliss?

The regal move in silent dignity amongst loud stutters in bright open spaces.

Racing against the pledges of time assigned without notice,

ice sculptures melt on command to the warmth of symbolic creatures

in attendance.

Where are the mercies of gods with arms folded in the blatancy of betrayals?

Seasons of sorrow last longest against the fleeting joy with the biggest bites.

Blood red rivers flow and thrash against earthly obstacles without dashes of color,

except when rain falls and soils purity of missions.

They come here and go, and we watch through lenses drowned in questions and concerns.

Soldiers with the spear are not spared in the moment of angelic exodus.

Damn the flight to eternal rest when living defies the deafened scriptures.

Victory becomes the warrior decked in the crown so light,

yet cumbersome to bear.

Until our cries relieve secrets to share.

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