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We are saved!

Social Media was Made to Hurt You

So, sit back and click those wounds

So, Beyonce ended the week with the big announcement of her pregnancy and accompanied it with a catalog of images that also included daughter — Blue Ivy.

Social media — particularly Instagram and Twitter on my end was ablaze with reactions that symbolized what the most lauded woman in the universe would naturally garner.

Based on my observations — it was apparent that the shared pictures depicting her as a modernized Madonna basking in the glow and watercolors of gathered backgrounds — were received with fascination and awe.

She is expecting twins and she needs the whole world to know it.

When Blue, was safely tucked inside your iconic mother’s belly, some of you were convinced that it was all staged. Don’t ask me why!

I was somewhat tickled by the rumors that Bey was contentedly jaunting around the globe with a prop — while the mystery woman carrying her baby was hidden somewhere waiting to deliver her bundle of millions.

This time around there is no doubt that Beyonce is epically providing refuge for her twins — even if she is being a little “extra” with the avalanche of pictorials courtesy of an artist who evidently knows how to capture memorable moments in ways that attract the palette of the elite.

Other conversations that surrounded this recent event were the theories that expectedly were tossed around as flustered pubs tried valiantly to outdo each other.

Of course Queen Bey would time her announcement at the beginning of Black History Month! She’s just that skilled and savvy enough to ensure that her life choices coincide with the appetite of her worshippers — because that’s what you do when you wear the crown.

Maybe it’s the fucked up climate enhanced by our fucked up president and his henchmen — or perhaps we are so overwrought with the fear that we are losing our ability to exist without spending hours of the day devoted to the drug of our choice.

Either way, the excitement around Beyonce’s alighted womb was inspiring and frightening at the same time.

It was almost as if she had saved the world from the likelihood of extinction. My timeline was littered with imprints of praise worship — as prayers were recited and hymns delivered with high tempo.

In the midst of the roving crusade were naysayers — unnerved by the intensity of users — trampling their pages with the very things that make being social — a huge pain in the ass.

Our antlers are up and searching — and as always I landed on another article that is on the verge of being one of the most read pieces of 2017.

The article attempts to explain how unbearable social media can be for those who have to succumb to the good fortunes of famous people at the expense of our mental capacity.

“But her photos perfectly underline the problem with social media announcements: you never know who you’re hurting.”

The author’s mission is to be the dutiful buzz-killer who refuses to blend with the social misfits. Her offering is wrapped around the nagging sorrow of her personal loss — and how she is forced to relive it through the initiations of a woman who has it all — and is hell-bent on punishing us with her well-orchestrated memorandums.

She wonders: “hasn’t social media totally turned on its head one of the most important tenets we learned as youths: to be humble?”

The objective here, is to prove that while it’s okay to be blissful enough to share your great news — there is also the responsibility of maintaining a dose of consideration for the those of us who can’t relate to the flood of joy pouring from your pores and onto our starving timelines.

Here’s the thing, social media was created to hurt you. Participants like the author, willingly commit to the chaotic pleasures of clicking through the wounds that gape under the duress of realizing that we can’t all be superstars.

Interestingly enough, the most offensive aspect of this piece is borne out of the fact that Beyonce is actually the victim here — based on being unfairly assessed by the ratings of a misplaced ideology.

Her fans are fully aware of the fact that back in 2013, the singer bravely admitted to suffering a devastating miscarriage before she gave birth to her daughter. And during her pregnancy, she was subjected to the stress of what accompanies stardom — an ailment that not many of us can’t relate to, no matter how much we empathize.

Imagine the joy of expecting your first child being thwarted by rumors that you’re faking your fragile condition?

All this to say that the “problem with social media” isn’t the “announcements” that could potentially do more harm than good — it’s users who try to find ways to stealthily downgrade the normalcy of the tools that were not meant to be stylized for comfort.

The pain of being socially inept when it comes to masochistic browsing is never going to end.

So, just sit back and click those wounds.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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