Social Media Fucked Over Korryn Gaines Because That’s How We “Catch a Thief”

Korryn Gaines — the young black woman who was set up for termination by the Baltimore Police Force — managed to instigate quite a feat in her honor.

According to Vice News — Gaines was hell bent on sharing her impending doom with the world.

There have been a slew of videos shared by supporters — that prove that the massacre that left her dead and caused bodily harm to her baby boy — was brewed for the sole pleasure of law enforcement and the renegades that set up the downfall of those who don’t have the money and power to skate by the claws of redemption.

Korryn herself live-streamed the bits of her real-life nightmare as it played out with her son as an innocent bystander. She orders the boy to take note of what is transpiring around him — and challenges his faculties to rise above his years in an effort — to prepare him for a future not so bright.

He obliges with a smile and nods to the questions that he doesn’t quite understand — but assimilates for the mother that he knows will leave him without consent.

She does eventually abandon her son in a hail of gun fire and in the hopes that her bloody demise at the hands of men with militarized weapons — will be visualized for the avid user in search of content that demands the instinctive click that will propel her visual testimony to new heights.

She fails.

Facebook of all places decided to comply with the men in blue who assure the social media giant to shut down Korryn’s page until further notice.

They shut her down without further ado.

Facebook silences the criminal who has been judged before she was given the opportunity to make her case. She is guilty before the prospect of her innocence is given the light of day.

The police swear that they can’t determine whether or not the injured child was shot by his mother or by the squad .

How can it be? How do we accept such bullshit with no questions asked as if we were born with paralyzed renderings of chains around our feet.


Korryn Gaines was targeted and ultimately put out of her misery. She wasn’t above the law — and yet she attempted to fly high — because she had the right to demand everything past her means.

The wealthy sect of this nation that is waiting for the makeover of a lifetime from presidential candidates who are drowning in frequent currencies — relax in comfort as they abide by the rules of the disciples that worship them into place.

Korryn Gaines knew her time was up and she submitted to the death of her fiery obstinate state. She was going to go down like a soldier.

The war against her and the less than zero queries that would ordinarily not lead to a full scale attack — had to end on her watch, It had to be reduced to rubble in the way that she conceived.

She got her wish. But, it was at a price that she may not have been privy to.

Facebook sold her out. They suspended her account while the chaos and mayhem ensued. It was to help the negotiators finalize plans to capture a young Black woman in her twenties — who could have been classified as a withered soul as she suffered under the strain of her youth and environmental strife.

All bets were off once the accounts were slapped back into the red. We saw enough to accept the truth of her demise but we can’t tolerate social media’s adherence to absolutely nothing.

Trolls are given free reign when it comes to threatening lives and even polluting landscapes across the board in ways that beckon the need to recite verses from holy books in order to stay alive.

And yet — the visual evidence of a woman barely out of her teens who is forced to succumb to the ill-advised and ill-fated actions of grown ass men with fake badges — who not only pummel her with bullets but also save a couple of rounds for her baby boy — is forced out of our control because it will show too much and leave too little to the imagination.

To catch a thief requires precision and thorough recordings of the subject’s comings and goings as well as a catalog of data verifying the need for that level of investment.

Korryn Gaines does not match such a profile — and yet she was driven to madness by predators who prefer her kind over the men in suits who have committed far worse offenses despite their unblemished reputation.

Facebook has proven that it can’t be trusted with the truth. I’ve seen images that have made me wonder why I was born — and I have theorized that social media is the perfect example of why citizens should refrain from rejecting their right to be right.

I was so wrong in my assessment.

Those who can — simply do — and those who can’t — will have to sit and die with the flickering bullets and firecrackers — subbing as an electric embrace.

They caught their thief and she stole the most valuable content that can never be reclaimed no matter how perfectly shielded it rests.

The truth.

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