So, I can speak about this because I literally turned gray in my late thirties. I am ALL gray.

It was and still is devastating. I tried to wear my hair that way but I couldn’t do it. I felt and looked nothing like myself.

I basically dye my hair fun colors which can be a major pain because I had gorgeous black hair that didn’t need to be hidden.

I miss my gorgeous black hair every day.

Getting older is rough but the trick is to not allow it to overwhelm you. Five years from now — you’re going to wonder why you thought you were so old.

I also feel privileged that I get to experience the process of aging as opposed to the alternative.

I see tons of beautiful women who are older than me and — they look amazing and you can’t help but notice their carefree attitude.

And some of them have gray hair.

Nobody is invisible unless they want to be.

Own your gray strands and do whatever makes you feel like you again.

Stand out and the right people will notice. That’s how I’m wading through my journey.

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