Show Them Those Big, Fat, Black Juicy Lips

And reasons why pink lipstick is never enough

Those lips are as big and round as the bum you sit on after the day is out.

The lipstick you sprayed on them dissolved with the liquids and solids of the day, but now the guy across from you is trying not to look.

He has to look. And stare in amazement at how much bigger and brighter those juicy dark lips can swell after strokes of pinkish red.

Dig into that purse girl! Find the remedy to a fruitless day and the ushering of a possibly spicy night.

There it is! Take off the cover and Take your sweet time.

Plump those big lips and make sure the corners don’t leak.

The woman next to you is irritated by your every move. She swings her blonde tresses your way. She almost wrecks your work in progress.

Stupid jealous bitch. Typical!

You got the hair, I got the lips, honey.

You’re done. Pucker up. No, I mean really work those big, bright, juicy, flawless lips that pout shamelessly as if they could kiss the world to oblivion.

How much did you pay for those beauties? No, really how much did it cost to get those big, soft, layered lips attached to that face?

You paid nothing? You just have it like that, huh? Damn.

He’s smiling at you. You move your freshly coated lips around with persuasion. He fans himself.

You know. It’s obvious. Your big, purposely swollen, juicy, lips that shine brightly with the aid of your tool for pleasure have become the torchlight for everyone around you.

And when you leave, the darkness will resume its reign.

And those big, fat, juicy, round, sexy, black, thick lips will live to slay again.

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