She Was Shot Dead Because She Was American

This wasn’t gang related. It had nothing to do with the teachings of The Holy Quran. Neither ISIS nor Boko Haram ordained her death. Her unrelenting faith in Jesus Christ could’ve saved her but it absolutely didn’t kill her.

America did.

Both tragedies happened in Orlando, FL.

Both instances involved guns in the hands of American citizens with enough anger and chunks of crazy to march up to another fellow American and blow her brains out. Or go hunting in a venue filled with other Americans blissfully enjoying the rights many have fought to secure.

It is warranted for the nation to be in total shock and dismay at yet another shooting and the loss of more lives.

It’s the reaction that guarantees that we are still human and thus capable of feeling sick to our stomach that despite the killings of school kids in their classrooms back in 2012 and the numerous other instances that can’t be tallied — we are still able to find this stuff incomprehensible.

My heart aches for the victims of the night club shootings but truth be told — I was and still am heartbroken and irrevocably devastated at the loss of Christina Grimmie.

She was twenty-two-years-old. A beautiful girl with a stunning voice who found fame through the channels of today. From YouTube to The Voice to a record deal and a future that was supposed to be filled with all the makings of The American Dream.

We are told about that Dream and how it can only fully manifest if you’re an American.

That’s why tons of Nigerians and perhaps other expectant parents from third world countries risk everything to have their babies in America.

I was born in The United States while my parents were pursuing their education. It wasn’t a planned effort to have me here although I spent most of my childhood in Nigeria — hearing about how awesome life in America will be once I return.

Life for the most part has been awesome.

I could’ve been just as content in Australia or Dubai. America chose me for whatever reason and I’ve lived up my end of the bargain.

America refuses to do the same. It has abandoned its duty to protect me or you from the crippling epidemic of gun violence.

Christina Grimmie died at the height of her gorgeous dreams. She was targeted and murdered in cold blood by a man who wanted her dead.

His dreams came true while her’s was shot to bits.

When will we stop realizing the dreams of psychopaths with guns? When will we start protecting the future of rising stars in the classrooms and on the lighted stage?

When will we stop being shocked and accept that are all doomed to die at the hands of another belligerent American shooting up the place?

When will we stop being Americans and be human beings with the will to live a life worth fighting for?

When will the American Dream stop killing us and saves us instead?

In the meantime gun sales will continue to surge and in the not too distant future — you may have the honor of being the unexpected headline of the day.

Only this time you won’t live to tweet about it.

The moment her dream came true…

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