Rudy. As she was…

Rudy Huxtable is all grown up, which means she isn’t having much fun

It wasn’t that long ago when The Cosby Show was the ultimate family instigator for those who needed to find an innocently entertaining way to laugh out loud for the exact same reason. No secret codes or private humor. Just good ole fashioned fun from the master of sitcom deliverables.

Now, we know better. Or do we?

Let’s jet back to the good times.

I so was jealous of Rudy.

Check out how she impeccably slayed Bud! The back and forth between these two can’t be underrated. When your mother is a lawyer and your dad a doctor — there is every indication that you will not falter when the future beckons.

She made lemons out of lemonade!

Rudy — was groomed for the realization that the days ahead won’t leave her behind. She already understood the facts of life before she was even ready to comprehend the schedule of things. She played in the background as her big sis Denise struggled to carry the family name to collegiate glory. She was aware of Theo’s learning disability as he worked like a dog to stay in school. She enjoyed Vanessa’s allegiance to a man who despite being too old for her, still managed to hilariously secure her immediate older sister’s heart.

Rudy was ready to grow up and we would’ve loved to see her vibrant trajectory into adulthood.

Rudy convincingly shattered Bud’s illusions. Even though it was supposed to be “kid humor” — there was no way to ignore the feministic symptoms being displayed by the youngest child of a household that purposely demanded that level of excellence.

Bill Cosby was not just an entertainer — he also subscribed to the notion that education was the key to sustained success. It was the only viable option for Black people. If you commanded a certificate displaying your excellence — there is no way you would be regulated to the fate of ghetto motherfuckers who don’t give a damn about college prep because selling drugs is the immediate high.

Keisha Knight Pulliam took notes.

Once the show that made her famous ended — she pretty much disappeared from sight — except for some occasional sightings. She made a sharp comeback a couple of years ago.

It was nice to see her again.

She was never a delectable slab of meat for gossip sites until recently when it was revealed that her recent marriage was a sham.

It’s everywhere!

Keisha Knight Pulliam married Ed Hartwell who is an acclaimed former athlete who used to be betrothed to Lisa Wu — a multi-ethnic goddess who is currently on a reality show.

How do you accommodate the betrayal of a man who married you in jest and then once the laughter died down — decides that the silence is more than he can take. So he bounces. Leaving you bereaved and pregnant with the child you both created?

I’m not sure how to answer that and Keisha is trying to be coherent in interviews but her bleakness won’t erase the desperation that brought her to this unfortunate juncture.

She is thirty-seven now.

Rudy is there. Keisha was there before we knew it.

Keisha is not Rudy.

We can’t all be Kimye.

Her latest offering is brimming with pathetic imagery — as as she tearfully assures us that the baby she is carrying belongs to her loser hubby. She tries to convince us that she is the victim in this tale of woe.

I believe her but I can’t save her.

Growing up isn’t fun at all. Keisha deserves better because she was Rudy and Rudy wants Keisha to catch up.

So do we.

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