Rudy Giuliani, You’re an Asshole Because Black Folks Said So

Rudy Giuliani — the racist former Mayor of New York is a douchebag and and an asshole.

He’s a smug oversized rodent who comes out into the light when shit hits the fan.

But he offers no relief or strategic plot lines because he’s simply incapable of such merit.

He happily hates Black people.

If Kanye West thought George Bush detested Black America when Hurricane Katrina freely ravaged New Orleans several years ago — then he obviously never met Rudy Giuliani.

His smudge allegiance to law enforcement has been duly noted with reservation.

Every time time the nation is on alert because of the carelessness and madness of White police officers against Black men — Giuliani seizes the opportunity to remind us why he’s the most disgusting man on earth.

A title he’s earned due to his documented bigotry and hateful statements.

His latest mimics the ones on record.

Black parents are irresponsibly raising their children to fight the law. They are doing a fucked up job when it comes to teaching their boys and girls about the sovereignty of White power.

That’s why Black boys are being shot in the stomach in neighborhood parks. That explains why Black girls are being tossed against the wall in classrooms by Robocops.

That’s why Black America is being unlawfully harassed.

Fuck you Rudy Giuliani. Fuck. You.

You’re a slime ball that just happened to be lucky enough to inhabit the earth I’m currently calling home.

When I think of you — this image comes to mind.

When you say that Black Americans “need to teach their children to respect law enforcement.” And that “the real danger to them is violence within the Black community itself” — you give murderers the license to kill me and my entire lifeblood.

You are a despicable human being. I hate you beyond words. You’re a straight up motherfucker who needs a reality check — real quick!

Do you realize that your freedom to spew out such venom is made possible because my ancestors laid the bricks to your foundation?

Do you think your privilege was activated because grandma and grandpa ordained it?

No. Slaves made America possible. Black people are the Royals of this nation. And we are in the process of reclaiming our legacy.

In the meantime — your harmful rhetoric and feeble attempts to discredit and disarm us won’t work.

Everyone knows that Rudy Giuliani is the mascot of a system that needs dismantling.

The process is underway and once it’s completed — Giuliani and politicians like him will be demolished with one fell swoop.

Until then — Black America lives to fight another day.

Bring it on! We got this.

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