Rudy Giuliani is the President of the United States of America

And now the world will pay for your sins

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the sole reason why the shocking results of an election season that quite frankly reeked of so much filth — that it is hard to see straight — is still so hard to digest without showing symptoms of duress and encompassing grief.

Giuliani built his career in a similar way that Donald Trump thugged his way into The White House. Americans responded to the blond-haired, loud-mouthed bully, who was perfectly solid in his quest to keep us on or knees while he assured us about how fucked up we are — and why it is necessary to be punished by his presence.

His devastating tactics paid off.

The media heralded the man with no knowledge about anything outside his peripheral vision, which is always clouded with arrogance and self-fulfillment. News outlets like CNN spent afternoons showcasing the magnificence of Trump’s airliner — as it ascended and descended into the territories of his roving circus of hate and unabashed disdain for the Americans that he couldn’t wait to make un-American.

Circling the background were the stinging bees of this operation, buzzing with enthusiasm as they could see beyond the horizon that was clear as the sky with fluffy white clouds hovering at a safe distance.

The most astounding part of the saga that is still unfolding at a mind-numbing pace is the fact that so many of you were stunned at Hillary Clinton’s surefire defeat.

At no time did the polls ever reveal that Clinton was safe from being over-taken by her disastrous rival. The distance between the two contenders was never lengthy enough to suggest such a thing. And yet, the media did its very best to celebrate the buffoonery of a man who wouldn’t be able to explain what it means to be an American in a complete sentence — even if he had a gun pierced against his temple.

You were fooled and mocked and then left to cower to promises that were never made but envisioned in your fantasy that can only come true if the market for fake news takes a nosedive due to inactivity.

We know that is never going to happen. So, we stay fake and fragile.

What isn’t fake and definitely not easily tampered with is the seediness of a mind-fucker. Someone who breeds the code of blatant bigotry and lives by the tantrums of White supremacists, as they roll around like cry-babies — demanding the attention they don’t deserve and drowning out hard-working citizens with their righteous extolling.

Giuliani has worked really hard for the spotlight.

He spent years terrifying men of color in New York by allowing the NYPD to dole out hideous treatment — all in the name of justice. Abner Louima and Amadou Diallo paid the highest price for being immigrants of color. The former barely survived his encounter and the latter was pummeled with a hail of bullets that snuffed out his chances of conceiving the American Dream.

But, I am quite certain that by now, you are fully aware that the concept of “America” and a “Dream” is no longer a viable option.

Giuliani is unapologetically racist and there are times when he fantastically embraces his steadfast belief that black people are animals that need to be cautioned by any means necessary.

We are brutish in nature due to our inherent need to overthrow authority by attacking those that are assigned to protect us. These badged murderers are putting their lives on the line each time they approach with a calm demeanor. Unfortunately, because of our animalistic nature — every encounter with us must end up with flying bullets and one of us bleeding into the ground the ground that our ancestors constructed under duress.

In case, you are one of the those who heartily voted for Donald Trump — let me remind you that Black children are being killed by White cops who wear their authority with the same honor that the KKK institute to hide under their ill-fitting sheath.

Giuliani, who is being considered for all kinds of big named positions including Secretary of State, has helped champion the cause of vilifying young black children in order to feed his agenda and resurrect his career.

Thanks to you, America, his Dreams are coming true.

He already knew that his ongoing stint as the Devil-in-Waiting would connive its way into a meatier presence, and while your bigot heart revels with delight as you enter the swinging doors of the 21 Club and return to the Waldorf Astoria — after a long and exhausting meeting with your private bank team at JP Morgan — and kiss your purring light-haired toddler goodnight — consider what you’ve created with privileged negligence.

While speaking to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, another liar who was rewarded with a better job than the one he was sacked from — Giuliani crucified Black children by priming them for the evil that they will likely encounter because at the age of twelve, Tamir Rice was playing in a park with a toy gun and was shot in the stomach for looking twenty-three.

“Let’s teach everyone including the children of the black community that most of those police officers are the reason you’re alive.”

“Because the real danger to you is that black kid who is going to shoot you on the street because that happens many, many more times than police officers. Let’s talk about it honestly.”

Yes, White voter, as you sail on your yacht or plow the land in a place called ‘Middle-America” that was supposedly under siege for 8 years because a Black man was making The White House very dirty with his skin that mimics the tone of the earth.

He could be railing about your family member but lucky you — he’s only threatening mine.

He dissolves the mission of Black Lives Matter like all cowardly idiots who can’t stand the fact that people of color have the ability to stand up for themselves without permission or the designation of White cowboys who look to Clint Eastwood for inspiration.

“When you talk about Black Lives Matter, the black young boy who’s killed by another young boy is just as dead as the black young boy killed by the police officer.”

“And I think the reason there’s a target on police officer’s backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter that make it seem like all police are against blacks.” “They’re not.”

No, not all police officers are willing to kill people of color out of the purposefulness of living out a scene in a modern-day western — but enough White police officers were groomed under the regime of a tyrant who is a bad father, a master manipulator, and a fiery drone with wings that can’t be clipped by the values that make him tragically un-American.

You chose him to deceive you and now the world will get a taste of the venom that has set us back beyond what we can thoroughly gauge — as we tweet and retweet all the reasons why being American royally sucks since Nov. 9 arrived ad left us in the dust.

Donald Trump is a child who needs his daily intake of vitamins to calm him down enough to take orders from the men in over-sized shrouds who will be delegating and ordering him around like the disciple he will always be.

Rudy Giuliani is the President of the United States of America and now we will all pay for your sins.

So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

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