Remember that time we looked at each other in a song and your voice directed the scenes to come

Remember that time you clutched my hand in want of the deepest core

Remember that time honey flowed and the trees swayed to the rhythm of peace around us

Remember that time my hair rustled to the fingers that caressed it from the tips to my heart

Remember the old barn bearing witness to the moments of surrender that never ran out or betrayed us

Remember that time we promised that forever was never if the present couldn’t hold us

Remember that time we shook the bars of destiny with the tidings of faith and nature

Remember that time the lost was found and the cries of the one that made us became the calling of our souls

Remember that time I couldn’t stand and the breath from my temples wilted us to a standstill

Remember that time I told you to keep up with me as I labored to resist surrender

Remember that time we held on through the crystal showers that left us tainted with the seal of another morning

Remember that time you knew that I knew our time was running into my beginning

Remember the time we believed that the sorrows that peak above the beauty would rescue my weary frame

Remember how we soared and released and you caressed our bloated defiance to unite forever

Me in you. You in me. She in us. We are free.

Remember that time. Remember this time. Always. Remember.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!