Religion killed Eddie Long

In the months leading to his demise Eddie Long, a renowned preacher at one of many mega-churches across the country — looked like he was already rotting in hell.

The mysterious illness that he had earlier explained as an adherence to his “vegan diet” — had reduced him to a frail puppet at the pulpit of lies and indiscretions.

Religion killed Eddie Long.

He succumbed to the disease of mental and physical greed. And so this Sunday morning — the day that has been assigned as the holiest of them all — the man who played a role that cost so many their lives and livelihood has passed on.

Religion has been the consistent vengeful killer for centuries. The ordained pastors and blinded congregation — never proved to be a saintly combination that produces healthy results.

When Eddie Long inadvertently exposed himself as a sexual predator who used his power to force the unimaginable on the innocent youth within his loyal circle — it wasn’t a shocking revelation.

What was painfully surprising was the way he was readily forgiven with his reputation intact as if the nightmare never transpired.

Religion kills your ability to see God for who He really is.

God and Eddie Long and all the others who ejaculate their messages across and around the tinted windows of hymns and prayers — do not speak the same language of communion.

Jesus Christ died on the cross. We take the bread as the symbol of the body that was shattered for our sins. The blood is what was shed in order to cleanse away the filth of our actions.

But, what is the remedy for the soul that is tormented by the loose hands and forbidden words that echo through the chambers of open doors — for everyone to see and smell?

When will religion stop killing us so we can stop killing each other?

Let us pray…

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