ravaged beauty on the path to blindness

stepping over the gravel that glistens in the sun-beamed sky

the weight of the past and the putrid present slumps me closer

to ground

what is this life without the scabs from the battles lost and the war that wages

without permission but with diced ownership.

I own the steps that lead me on to the liquid of emancipation

every dose relieves the moments that never remain untallied

despite the fight within, relinquishing the right to victory is a painful pleasure

that never quite expresses itself, until I stumble upon another beauty being eaten in death by the rabies of the earth

there it lays with the artful period of non-existence

wings clapped in accordance with the inability to take flight despite all the gorgeous arrangements of nature

a ravaged beauty on the path to blindness in the darkness of a sun-beamed sky.

I lay beautifully digested in expectation.

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