Why The Concept of A Human Race is So 1999

It’s 2016. Even saying it out loud feels apocalyptic. Back in 1999 when there was a lot of speculation about what the new millennium would bring.

Y2K was a mental currency, but more than anything — it was understood that the world would eventually succumb to the embedded effects of technology.

That did come to pass. We are all slaves to devices that are designated to order us around and willingly hold us hostage.

It’s been a good thing and a very bad thing. It’s also been a necessary evolution that has encouraged a plethora of advances and levels of hysteria.

But we can’t dismiss the fact that the ability to create a forum that equips us with the power to fuel our passions, can lead humanity down the road a very long and winding road.

A path that can start out faintly dim and then flicker into a dark oblivion.

Gone are the days when law abiding citizens and those tasked with enforcing the law practice the religion of decorum and restraint. Being of sound, mind and body is now considered outdated and simply weird.

Crazy fucks who aim to destroy and be destroyed are either taking over or reclaiming the time they lost being politically correct.

It is no longer required to watch what you say or how you say it. You can totally talk about how much blood your panties can hold during your period and then five minutes later diligently tweet about how Tamir Rice got what every black boy deserves to get.

Politicians can have a National Assembly and spew out verbal genocide that threatens the lives of the innocent — including helpless children.

It is absolutely okay for Mexicans to be classified as barbaric refugees, for Black Americans to be regarded as less than human and for women to be labeled killers for making decisions that pertain to their physical well being.

But what is even more amazing is how we have accommodated this new normal with ease and familiarity.

Sure, we write about it 24/7 but that’s really motivated by our need to break the story before anyone else does. Writers are now celebrities in their own right. If your piece goes viral regardless of what it’s about — you get to ride the wave of recognition — and who cares where it leads.

There is also a rage against the machine that is palatable. A loud anger that drowns the mocking embrace of our existence.

People just generally don’t like each other. There is a potent lack of basic human respect and decency that will never be revived. It’s gone. Forever.

What remains is a suffocating reminder of what it once meant to be human.

To think before speaking. To consider the feelings of those you’ve never met but think you know. To wonder how to be of service to victims of circumstance who are vulnerable to the elements and would appreciate a helping hand — rather than kick in the gut. To privately wage your war against your bigoted disposition but publicly acknowledge a truce for the sake of your soul.

To do what is right because you no better — no matter what you were force fed in your younger years.
To reject the temptation to use your privilege as a tool for supremacy and a motive for temperamental greed.

The era of all things ugly and vile has made a spectacular comeback and we all helped to usher in.
Yes. You did and so did I. We are guilty of partaking in the disgusting freak show that tragically isn’t freaky anymore.
It’s admissible and approved. It’s cuddled and encouraged. It’s legal and it’s worshiped.
We have formed a cult far worse than anything a sicko on his best day could’ve ever dream up.

It’s what unites us. It’s what makes us human.

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