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President Trump’s botched response

President Trump Needs To Be Penalized For Botched Response To Hurricane Maria

He caused the deaths of thousands of Americans

As the Carolinas brace for a mammoth storm in the form of Hurricane Florence that seems to be barreling its way to preferred destinations with forceful authority, it’s hard not to be reminded of what befell Puerto Rico almost a year ago, when another monster ravaged the already fragile island.

Hurricane Maria was fierce and swift, but the longterm damage has been staggeringly tragic, as the number of those who perished has been updated from the initial 64, to the sobering reality of 3,000.

President Trump and his “ultra-quiet” First Lady, managed to stop by days after the storm tore through infrastructure and farm lands, and rendered the island functionless, with loss of electricity — and other basic amenities that are needed to stabilize the vulnerable of society like the elderly and the sick, who rely on breathing machines and other lifesaving equipment for survival.

Instead of graciously lending his support or at the very east attempting to feign some measure of compassion for a shattered population, that had barely survived a disastrous event, and were direly immersed with searching for loved ones, while trying to figure out temporary lodgings after homes were reduced to rubble — President Trump took the assholish approach by chiding the locals for making a mountain out of a molehill.

It was quite apparent from the beginning of his shitty tour of ground zero, that Trump wasn’t capable of playing the role that he only acquired after successfully bullying his way through the campaign trail — by using his millions to fund an ongoing White nationalist machine — that only recognizes the concerns and safety of White Americans.

White supremacy is a religion that frowns down with pure disdain on the audacity of Black and Brown people demanding equal treatment, when we obviously don’t qualify for that level of human decency. Our lives never matter enough to ensure that when White people shoot to kill us in our own damn apartment— the murderer is held in captivity without the option of bail.

In this case, the people of Puerto Rico were made to suffer as American citizens, who weren’t White enough to warrant mandated relief efforts to help minimize what was potentially going to be a massive loss of life — and an indefinite punishment of homelessness and a pitch black existence that could only be lightened with the muscle of power lines.

Right before the president inexplicably decided to engage in a game that would position him to throw paper towels to a desperate crowd of Brown people, as his way to demonstrate how a civilized bastard playfully demeans sub-humans — he held a briefing with his quiet as fuck partner-in-crime, seated demurely by his side.

During the disgusting tirade, Trump berated local officials, including San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, by downplaying the crippling aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which he surveyed earlier, and undoubtedly noticed the enormity of the devastation.


Instead of offering condolences and promising to execute immediate federal assistance, the president exacerbated fresh wounds and sensitive spirits with unnecessary references to a long-standing debt that is supposedly costing the federal government more than what it should. He also hyped up the fact that Puerto Rico was already a lost cause before Hurricane Maria finalized the island’s inevitable fate.

But the worse of all was the way Trump belittled the suffering of survivors who went to hell and back and are still stuck in limbo, amid debris and the paralyzed wirings of a once vibrant territory — by comparing the catastrophe to Hurricane Katrina and proudly claiming that the number of deaths were far lower in the case of Hurricane Maria.

Of course, months later, we know better.

Hurricane Maria is regarded as being the worst natural disaster on record to affect Dominica and Puerto Rico and the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Jeanne in 2004.

And now, 11 months after the “deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Jeanne in 2004,” President Trump is failing once again to rise to the occasion as he shamefully grapples with his presidential duties and falls into the default of selfish boastfulness.

This time, his claims are painfully offensive, and a dishearteningly brutal reminder of the injustice that has been on display, from the moment Puerto Rico was primed for imminent danger.

It’s also a good opportunity to remember how the president of the United States used Twitter as his battleground to spar against a woman of authority, who was working against a system that was rigged to fail her beloved community.

Yulin Cruz, should’ve been nominated as Person of The Year for her steadfast dedication as the pipeline of information, when it came to presenting the grim picture of what an abandoned territory looks like, when the federal government, under the leadership of a cowardly lion — makes the deadly decision to ignore a sinking island.

There was zero consideration given to the helpless mothers and children — who needed the same damn attention that migrant families gained at their expense.

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These Brown kids don’t matter

Trump righteously defaced the reputation of the mayor, with threats and insults that were meant to shut her up.

But his venomous tweets misfired, as Yulin Cruz defiantly stood her ground, and exposed the corrupt tactics of emergency agencies like FEMA, that prefer to donate almost $10 million to ICE detention programs, rather than maximizing resources to rescue families that have been assaulted by the consequences of a deadly storm, and a bigoted Commander-in-Chief.

And now that Mother Nature is roaring back with what has been described as “the storm of a lifetime,” all eyes are on President Trump, as he’s once again tasked with the duties that he never seems capable of handling — due to his lack of professionalism and the fundamental skills needed to oversee successful rescue efforts from start to finish.

Trump absolutely needs to be penalized for his botched response to Hurricane Maria because his gross negligence that was spurred on by his bigoted status, inevitably led to the high death count of innocent islanders, who perished for reasons that can’t ever be justified.

Furthermore, Trump had the gall to hail the US response to Hurricane Maria as a “tremendous” success despite the fact that it’s hardly sensible to rate any natural disaster that results in even one casualty — as successful.


And to throw hot water on an already pulsating wound, Trump tweeted this incredibly callous statement:

Donald Trump is a repulsively bloated tyrant, who has blood on his hands.

He knows that he totally fucked up Puerto Rico, and he’s aware that he’s the catalyst for what has happened since the storm hit. He won’t accept responsibility, and prefers to lay the blame on a mayor who did everything she could to save her ailing island.

Her response sums up everything we need to know about how the Trump administration dropped the ball and why everyone involved needs to be held accountable:

As American citizens, we can’t allow President Trump to escape the tribunal that needs to be initiated to investigate how the leader of the free world was able to dictate instructions — that resulted in the tragic outcome of Americans that deserved to be covered under the brilliant lyrics of the national anthem that he fucking loves so much.

From where I’m sitting, when it comes to the less than stellar response to a national emergency that impacted enough lives to matter, the bipartisan agreement is muddled.

It’s hauntingly disorienting to unravel the layers of deceit from the GOP and liberals, as it pertains to efficient governance, even when lives are at stake.

Trump used his Whiteness to devour and demonize non-Whiteness by highlighting the stereotypical attributes that makes it so damn easy and tolerable to deny law-abiding Americans the help they needed — based on the color of their skin and a culture that isn’t considered “American.”

It’s appalling to witness how lawmakers rally around an absolute brute, who has turned the office of the presidency into the worst ever episode of a reality show — gone rogue.

3,000 people died in Puerto Rico, and these deaths were confirmed after the research determined that the lack of electricity for an extended period of time, wrecked havoc on medical services and caused those that were dependent on those services to die a slow and miserable death.

A recent report says 8% left the island after the hurricane and many died due to poor health care and other services.

There was also the matter of those who were so overcome by life-altering circumstances that rendered them indefinitely incapacitated with no hope of recovery, and how emotions can run so high — that suicide seems to be the only merciful exit.

But White supremacists like Trump and his Great America don’t think that Black and Brown people are capable of emotions. We’re just empty bodies taking up space, until White cops shoot us down, or Mother Nature erases us from this earth.

Puerto Ricans were left to die because they weren’t White people living in splendor before their lives were turned upside down by circumstances beyond their control.

The Trump administration must pay for what has transpired on their watch, and while the evidence continues to stack up, you can best believe that enough of us will be taking notes.

The lives that were needlessly lost have to be avenged. After all, it’s the American Way.


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