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The Man.

President Barack Obama Leaves the Democratic Party in “Good Hands” but Black America is a Mess

Those bonds of affection, that common creed. Stronger together than when we are on our own.

The outgoing President, who took office back in 2008 and gave us the permission we needed to dream about a country that unites us all beyond prejudice — took the stage tonight in an effort to rally a triumphant victory for the woman who despised his meteoric rise.

Lets face it — Hillary Clinton still resents the idea that Barack Obama — preceded her in the race for the highest office in the world.

She will never get over it. But, she’s ambitious enough to move past her defeat with grace and expectancy.

The Obamas already understood what they signed up for when The White House became their official residence.

As convention season winds down — so does our choice of who will move us the most by setting our hearts on fire.

Celebrities and wealthy businessmen have accommodated the space with the rehearsed rhetoric that sounds awesome — but leaves us yearning for that sign from above.

Wednesday night brought the heavens down to earth.

He survived the deaths of his former wife and beloved son. Most people are able to exit this world without that level of pain.

Joe Biden should be President and Michelle Obama — Vice President.

Instead — we have to choose between a racist, sexist dictator — who thinks running a country will pale in comparison to the shit he had to put up with in the boardroom.

And a woman who allowed her husband to fuck around because she knew it would pay off later.

President Obama is not for Hillary Clinton.

He made history and that’s why his destiny outranked The Clintons. And now almost a decade later — our Commander-in-Chief needs us to do him another a big favor.

Hire his nemesis.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are the very best of what this world power has to offer. They have managed to deceive enough people to accept the theory of how accessible they are — especially given the audacity of their rise and fall.

Americans never let the bad times get them down.

Black America doesn’t give a damn who wins because we will continue to die faster than flies on a sweltering week of sweat and mayhem.

We are a mess and nobody gives a fuck except the ones who rise above the verbal pan handling — that does very little to correct the fundamental piece that refuses to fit in the hole that was never part of the puzzle of our existence.

It is unnatural to be Black and American — funneling through the statements of candidates that can’t relate to what it feels like to be colored and marked for destruction by a felt pen.

Sure — the Democratic Party might survive the blighted period — but Mr. President of Color — you haven’t given us props for accommodating the reality that you couldn’t quite voice your opposition to #BlueLivesMatter in the face of #BlackLivesMatter.

You were with us always but your adherence to Red, White and Blue prevented your public declaration.

The days are running out and thank God for that!

Black America is a mess but there is the hope that change will finally convert into a mantra that we can truly believe in.

He spoke in codes tonight. It was robotic and spirited. We read between the lines and now we understand why he was chosen.

We didn’t need a savior. We wanted the best version of ourselves.

We got it.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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