#PrayForTheWorld is More Like It

The world is under attack. It has been for quite some time now.

In fact there has never been a time in history when peace reigned supreme from every corner of the universe.

It’s just not the way we roll.

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 comes to mind.

Other times — it’s the incoherence of restless minds that are recklessly in search of victims that represent the dire state of affairs they’ve been immersed in — without consent.

This method of terror is stealing the joy out of living on a global scale.

Some corners of the world have been designated as trouble spots — which means that no matter how many headlines dominate the news feed — the casualties remain nameless and faceless because they were already dead before their bodies burnt the ground.

In other parts of the world — the distinguished parties are not primed to suffer for their existence.

So, when they do — not only are they memorialized with care and detail — but we are also asked to pray to God for the strength to absorb the shocking consequences of the unexpected horror they didn’t deserve.

They’ve been many instances that have brought us to our knees in the past few months.

Now, we are being bequeathed with a new prayer request.


Bastille Day turned into a massacre as tons of revelers were swiped with vengeance by an unknown assailant driving a truck.

The death toll currently stands at 70 with many more injured.

The news is still developing but so far — all we know is that what was supposed to be a day of celebration into the night — has been polluted by the genocidal tendencies of a deranged lunatic.

There is no confirmation of the source behind the tragedy but considering the ongoing attacks on France — there is every reason to to believe that it was staged by Islamic militants.

Islamic militants who use Islam as a weapon of hate and disillusionment — to propel fear amongst the innocent and doubtful.

As we start to learn more — the usual rituals will be unleashed. The avatars on social media will change to reflect the urgency of the moment.

And we will be besieged with the hashtag that summons our need to recognize the pain a beloved province is undergoing for reasons that make absolutely no sense.

People shouldn’t have to die for a cause they didn’t sign up for. Lives shouldn’t be taken as a token of pride and requirement for assigned individuals who need to be validated through actions of careless necessity.

It’s happening all the time. All around us.

From Nigeria to Turkey — there is virtually nowhere to hide — unless you move to Switzerland and even then — it’s just a matter of time.

The level of destruction and unspeakable callousness being handed to mankind can’t be adequately or neatly tied into a bow of preferences.

Yes, we should bow our heads and pray that the citizens of Nice can rise above this latest catastrophe but we also can’t deny that this is virus that has been spreading for quite some time.

When Boko Haram began it’s reign of terror back in 2009 — it was the best kept secret until #BringBackOurGirls hit the scene.

Suddenly, from The Cannes Film Festival to The White House — everybody who was anybody joined in the crusade against the group that has now acquired the fame it had been seeking.

#PrayForNigeria was never a thing until much later and that was only to ensure that the grief of onlooking nations didn’t seem discriminatory.

It’s too late to avoid that hurdle.

We are officially all fucked.

It’s time to #PrayForTheWorld because you are part of it and someday whether we like it or not — we may be amongst those who inspire those prayers — again.

Instead of dividing and conquering — let’s be cohesively vigilant and aware of the burning huts — regardless of where they are situated — as we include the trucks that plow into a crowd without warning.

The world is in turmoil.

If praying helps than by all means let’s get to it.

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