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Please Stop Saying Michelle Obama Should Be Joe Biden’s VP

It ain’t happening!

It’s been over a month since social distancing became the non-negotiable mandate. In that time, I have observed with utter disgust how the richest country in the world has woefully failed the test of providing adequate care and empathy to tax-paying citizens, who deserve a lot more than a pathetic $1200 stimulus check to survive harrowing months ahead.

My nerves are frayed and my tolerance level is at an all-time low.


First off, CNN’s online portal has been notorious for its periodic homage to Melania Trump with generic write ups that attempt to evoke an air of stoic mystery around the inefficient First Lady, who was hailed her for her particular brand of white feminism when she publicly refused to hold her husband’s hand on the tarmac during their disastrous European tour.

Melania Trump willfully broke protocol by refusing to accept the rather generous gesture from her more dignified predecessor, who extended her wealth of wisdom in the same fashion that greeted her arrival when Laura Bush graciously welcomed Michelle Obama to the illustrious and very white, first ladies club.

Melania had her mouthy spokeswoman at the time, former White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, issue a combative statement that rebuked the claim that Michelle Obama made her in best-selling memoir, “Becoming,” about Mrs. Trump’s unwillingness to receive helpful advice in the early days of her husband’s controversial presidency.

Grisham relied on the lethality of white feminism to fight back against the distinguished and accomplished Black woman, who dared to question the actions of “a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First Lady in her own way.”

Melania Trump’s rise to fame before she became the worst ever first lady in the history of first ladies, was the short-lived stint as a model wannabe, which led to her introduction and subsequent marriage to Donald Trump, a wealthy reality TV star, who inherited his family’s real estate business that has documented track record of racism.

Michelle Obama’s stellar resume was already established way before her husband’s prolific political career. And she carried that ambitious streak into her 8 years as the best First Lady ever to do it.

Obama targeted the issues that were closest to her heart, including the Let Girls Learn program that was launched in 2015. It was geared towards raising awareness about the plight of young girls in underdeveloped countries, who drop out of school at a rapid rate because of the uphill battles they face in environments that aren’t conducive to their dreams of earning an education.

First daughter Ivanka Trump, who serves as her father’s “senior adviser” has been touting her Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative as if that bright idea was hatched from her brain cells, when in actuality it has been in effect for decades, and the Trump administration slyly reworked Obama’s initiative.

The former First Lady was also quite passionate about eradicating childhood obesity and hunger which led to the introduction of the Hunger-Free Kids Act, activated in 2010 with the signature of President Obama.

It was hailed as a bipartisan agreement, but loud, bitter Republicans gave Michelle Obama hell for the crime of trying to ensure that the growing kids of America are blessed with access to a nutritional diet in schools. They relentlessly condemned how the over-bearing Black woman in The White House was exerting her authority in ways that they deemed invasive.

Michelle Obama did a whole lot while she was first lady. She famously turned the White House gardens into a green wonderland for invited children to play and plant vegetables as a teachable moment that honors how the earth plays a vital role in nurturing our bodies.

That vegetable garden no longer exists. It perished from the supreme toxicity of the new administration.

Apparently two terms under the leadership of a Black president, who was disrespected beyond reason, despite his consistent output of excellence was more than White America could stand.

President Obama and his Leading Lady, Michelle Obama were given the brazen middle finger the moment Hillary Clinton’s shocking defeat was confirmed and Donald Trump’s victory became the hovering menace.

The heartbreaking scene of the Obamas sullenly waiting to hand over the keys of their former residence to a white nationalist and his bewildered wife was too much too bear.

During their notable years at the helm of absolute power, the first-ever Black family to move into the House that slaves built were constantly pummeled with mean-spirited attacks from high-profile bigots, who never avoided hitting below the belt.

Michelle Obama was hit hardest, which is no surprise given the fact that she’s a Black woman who refused to downplay her winning attributes. She boldly provided ample support to her embattled husband, and stood her ground without flinching from the bullets of insults that went as far as demeaning her physicality.

The Obamas never wavered when it came to fulfilling their obligations to this thankless, shithole of a country.

And the fact that after all those years of sacrifice and service, their long-awaited sendoff was dampened by the traitorous election of a pompous, heartless, lazy, incompetent, incoherent, fool — is the exact reason why Michelle Obama will never EVER consider being anyone’s Vice President.

Please stop the madness!

Please leave the only first lady who matters out of this streak of stupidity that translates into reckless articles that use her precious name in vain,

This desperate need to elevate the worth of a basic white man at the expense of Black woman and former First Lady, who is being hounded to once again give up the best years of life to save a country that repeatedly fucked her and her family over is absolutely ludicrous.

Michelle Obama will not be Joe Biden’s running mate because she doesn’t love America nearly enough to play that silly game again.

Ever heard of once bitten, twice shy?

Sure, Biden is committed to choosing a Black woman for the VP slot, but he’s not doing it because he’s such a die-hard champion of equality.

He’s unequivocally sold on the idea based on the fact that this is 2020, and in this evolving era of compulsory inclusion, there really isn’t a tangible option other than the obvious.

If Joe Biden wants to send the Trump Family Business packing from DC, he must comply with the core requirements that will undoubtedly validate the grand appeal of his campaign.

He needs a Black woman of higher standing to validate his existence, and while we can’t dispute that fact, as a Black woman who is angry all the time, and who is hella protective of my First Lady, I must confess out loud that Michelle Obama has to be left out of this messy conservation.

This excerpt from fired me the fuck up!

Do I think an appeal to patriotism and doing right by the country might sway Michelle Obama to reconsider her long-held refusal to even consider running for office? It’s technically possible.

Hell the fuck no she won’t “reconsider her long-held refusal” to consider running for office!

And please don’t get me started on the bit about “patriotism and doing right by the country” because what the hell does that even mean?

Michelle Obama is exactly where she needs to be, doing what she loves to do as a wife and mother, and burgeoning creative, who understands the currency of owning and delivering narratives that enlighten and motivate.

She said all she had to say in her amazing book, and her political career pretty much ended when Melania Trump handed her that big ass Tiffany box, which the exiting First Lady received with WTF?! written all over her face.

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Please leave my first lady the fuck alone!

Michelle Obama will not be the savior who’s anointed to save the day for hapless white Americans, who got what they voted for when they knowingly chose an accused sexual predator, and bullish oaf — over a former First Lady and Secretary of State, who was on the cusp of making history as the first woman to be elected president.

Y’all forced her to bear the excruciating treatment of witnessing Donald Trump take the oath of office.

Okay, Hillary had it much worse, but come on!

If you’re not quite clear on how Michelle Obama really feels about considering the god-awful opportunity to join Joe Biden on the dutiful mission to save a country that doesn’t want to be be valiantly rescued from the grips of an overpowered tyrant, who has a strong chance of reelection — check out that face!

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Yeah, it’s a wrap.

Find another Black woman who is bright-eyed and ready to go through the shaming process of being vilified for her blackness and the accumulated knowledge and experience that gives white racists the audacity of parading their superiority.

Leave my First Lady the fuck alone!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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