Thunderous applause greets the scene of the last before the magnificent end.

The sea of bodies and the elated air arouse the hair on her skin as she emerges into the light.

The heat of the verses she uttered with emphatic might — still seize her mood.

The tears of Ana have laced her cheeks many nights before.

The days when her weary eyes are fixated on the charms and betrayals that Felix wrought with bloated pleasure — appeased her own sexless weeks.

Oh what a character!

How sane it would be to convert the setting of the roving dining room with the antique chandelier that must always come crashing down — into the disco hall where she learned how to dance.

As the breeze of the cast whiz by her in recognition of the moment — she braces for the cue as she meekly peers into the crowd.

So many faces — but only one.

The mistral of her dreams holding the heart of another while keeping hers from beating.

Only he will witness the bleeding victory of her final bow.

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