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Once We Impeach Donald Trump, Then What?

We are still surrounded by his creators

Once the impeachment inquiry became a reality, we knew that the egomaniacal toddler in the White House would promptly denounce the “witch hunt,” and continue the dangerous practice of weaponizing Twitter against targeted individuals and foreign countries.

But after weeks of nonstop harassment from Donald Trump, and his army of fools, directly targeted at high-ranking government officials, and a former ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, who had to endure the intimidation of witness tampering in real time — we can’t help but wonder and worry about what the beginning of another decade will wrought.

The epic disaster of Northern Syria, and the long-range consequences of abandoning the Kurdish forces with the infusion of Vladimir Putin’s partnering with Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is an obvious blemish on the once honorable track record of a draining super power, when it comes to the delicate execution of policies that affect global operations.

But, let’s not get carried away by the sins of the Trump administration and forget how the Obama administration still has to atone for the bloody and very costly mistakes in Syria. The difference between both cases lies in the gross lack of human decency on the part of the GOP’s supreme leader.

But the maddening news conference where Trump ridiculously trumpeted his achievements by claiming victory over a still-ongoing crisis, with his handful of enablers, shamelessly guarding his side, is certainly another strong indication of why this country is suffering from the stark absence of a commanding, Commander-in-Chief.

When it comes to the ability to thoroughly grasp and respect the intricacies of international relations with attention paid to the art of war, and the complexities of plotting extended routes to the final destination, Donald Trump is the last person on earth who could possibly fathom the specific qualities that natural born leaders possess.

Trump is better known for his legendary shrewdness, and complete lack of self-control, coupled with the uncanniness of managing the feat of being a nagging pest every day of the week — morning, noon and night.

It’s also quite remarkable that given the president’s dishonorable habit of publicly cursing out war heroes, even after they’ve passed away, despite never having served his country on the battlefield, plenty of Republicans, who are military veterans, still summon the motivation to stand by an unhinged future felon, who makes high-stakes decisions that only elevate his status.

And not only do we have to contend with the monstrosity of accommodating a lawless White House, that has committed to the task of cosigning fabricated narratives, geared towards normalized propaganda, spewed out by agents of dysfunction, who pass themselves off as “White House Communicators,” there’s also the abuse of power that goes beyond that damning phone call and noted quid pro quo.

Donald Trump may have enjoyed the company of famous Black faces back when he was an alleged Democrat, but the horrific act of taking out full-page ads to plea for the return of the death penalty on behalf of five boys of color, who were wrongfully accused of raping a White woman jogger in Central Park back in 1989, will always be the clear identifier of his fiery racism.

Those young men of color were primed to rot in prison for a crime they didn’t commit, and their misfortune stemmed from the assumption of their guilt based on race, and how the thuggish NYPD and bigoted representatives of a biased judicial system, were desperate to close the case with the promise of permanently damaging Black and Brown lives that never matter.

The #ExoneratedFive lived to see the day of their long-awaited release, and since then, they have been rightfully feted with national exposure via the genius and loving homage of Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, the jarring mini-series produced by Netflix, that faithfully dramatized the graphicness of how criminality thrives in the badged corridors of White power.

That power made a roaring comeback from the hushed climate and into the loudness of authority with the ascension of a White nationalist, who fashioned his campaign as the playbook of KKK rallies, that don’t attempt to hide the disdain for non-Whites, and members of vulnerable communities that are typically on the hit list.

Trump’s racism has found an audience through the radicalization of White males, who are attentive and on stand by to carry out the directives that are strategically located for the death count, that will illustrate the deadliness of a climate that’s dictated by White terrorism.

Trump refuses to acknowledge the potency of White supremacy, and how his polarizing presence is helping to increase it’s viability, and that’s mainly due to the fact that he can’t afford to alienate his most loyal base of haters, who believe in the superiority of Whiteness, and the evangelism that will fight for the second win of their supreme leader.

But even more than that is the evidence of how a woefully fragile ego, coupled with the childish mentality that prevents the maturity of adulthood for a trust fund baby, who was raised to be a bullish renegade, is rapidly manifesting into the utter terror of our lives.

The nefarious past never fails o dictate future dealings, and that explains why the impeachment inquiry has been activated by the House Committee in the quest to save what’s left of our defaced constitution.

But let’s be honest, we didn’t need the release of the partial transcripts depicting Trump’s poor negotiation skills, against the backdrop of bribery and corruption, to finally come to terms with how this piece of shit needs to be effectively flushed down the toilet.

The terrifically bad performance in Helsinki, where the President of the United States, during his inaugural European tour, stunned the world with his traitorous bromance with Vladimir Putin, was more than enough proof of how far America will go to protect and defend the blasphemous pursuits of a White male who is woefully under-qualified to be president.

If President Obama had exhibited just a sliver of his embattled successor’s orneriness, with the betrayal of dimming the spotlight on the world stage with public praise for a murderous dictator, who willfully attempted to destroy America’s democracy, both Democrats and Republicans would be united in the mission of ousting the Black gangster in the White House.

But we are cursed with the abusive blows of Whiteness, courtesy of strategically-positioned White males, who are gifted with the non-transferable privilege that mandates their freedom to terrorize without issue or the interferences that should’ve been forcefully implemented back when Trump declared how White supremacists are “very fine people.”

Trump’s Twitter account resembles the bloody war zones that he cowardly ran away from while his braver counterparts defined their patriotism with enlistments. He has chosen to repurpose his combativeness into the venomous missile that becomes more and more lethal under the tutelage of tech giants, and the greedy CEOs, who will not be regarded kindly by historians.

Remember that time when Candidate Trump boasted about how he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in NYC, and still have the unrelenting worship of his fans?

As much as we would like to dismiss that as wishful thinking on his part, the truth is that Trump’s trajectory, that proves how his legacy of being the worst US president in modern history will be guaranteed — is the vivid embodiment of what his lawyers are presently using as the template for Trump’s defense in this impeachment hell.

As a White male with his privilege as the outshining character, Trump has been permitted to exact irrevocable harm to the office of the presidency.

Trump won the presidency because a shit load of White people, parading as human beings were secretly harboring resentment for the Obama years, and truly feared that the conspiracies of their extinction would transpire if drastic measures weren’t in place.

Electing a wealthy White dude, who used to be a reality TV star, wasn’t really a gamble, as much as it was the “fuck you” to “the Blacks” who needed to be reminded about their place in the hierarchy of absolute power, which can’t be assigned to history-making moments without punishment for brief glimpses of the fakery of equality.

Having a White supremacist occupying the White House, who retweets vile content from the account of far-right groups, and composes derogatory messages that threaten the lives of those who dare to challenge his habitual illegality, is the constant volatility that assaults populations that were already dwelling in a state of high alert before Donald Trump was ordained by God.

Trump once compared the impeachment proceedings against him to “lynching,” and the blunt reactions were fast and furious from both sides of the aisles.

And the shared sentiment was drawn from the recognition of the weighty implications of evilly capitalizing on the lawful massacre of innocent Black victims, young and old, by murderous mobs of White people to evoke empathy for the “torture” of enduring the constitution’s drafted response to an impeachable crime from the posh offices he’s polluting.

Things are going to get much worse, and it’s not just the months ahead, that will feature the unbearable manic tendencies of Trump as he fails to accept his dissolving power, and relies heavily on the accessibility of his tools of disruption, which he maximizes at all costs.

We have to be prepared for the escalation of race wars, and what that will mean regardless of whether or not the White supremacist is stripped of his station.

America was founded on the principles of White power, and that foundation is stronger than ever. We can’t conclude that the end of Trump will automatically cleanse the valves of disorder that glistens with the blood of those who were butchered by systemic violence.

The impeachment inquiry took to long to happen, and in that time, the White nationalist president completed most of the work that had to be done in order to scrub away the black spots from the former occupants of what has become the “House of Horrors.”

We are surrounded by the creators of the catastrophic national emergency, and no matter who emerges the winner in 2020, we are pretty much fucked for life. The only saving grace would be the order of things when a good portion of haters die out, but then generations sometimes carry that torch with bloody vengeance.

All this to say, that Donald Trump’s presidency, is the stuff that nightmares are made of, and the curators will never stop perfecting that craft.

So maybe, our survival depends on more than just a dream.

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