Oh Lord, I Know I Haven’t Given You Thorough Attention

I have been distant and unyielding

It’s because my thoughts have been racing

Through the day, and into the night

I haven’t been able to control my urges

And I don’t understand you still

I know you love me no matter what

And even though I quickly utter words of praise and convenience

You still accommodate my desires and refute my inconsistencies

I want to love you more, Lord

I want to be committed to you


I always seek your guidance and care when I need it the most

When I am at the forefront of wondrous possibilities

That will manifest only if I beg thee for mercy

I want this job, Lord, I need this job

But only if it is by your own design

Let your will be done

Forgive me for only acknowledging your magnificence when I’m down to the wire

I’m not perfect, Lord

Which is why your love for me is perfection

I need to be broken to feel you intensely

I need to be desperate to be in awe of you

I need this day to be the beginning of another requited establishment

Forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness

I commit myself to thee, Oh Lord

I ask that today will flow according to your will

And I pray for mercy and grace

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray


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