Now that I’m Older I Realize That…

I didn’t need to be beautiful to lead a beautiful life.

I didn’t need to be perfect to comprehend how amazing I was at the height of my youth.

I didn’t need to have a million and one friends to feel validated and applauded.

I didn’t need to move to New York in order to make impossible dreams — possible.

I didn’t need to pretend to like everyone when the pool of likes was almost too shallow to wade in.

I didn’t need to wait for the guy to sweep me off my feet because love never requires that much work.

I did need to make the mistakes I made in order to mature with the tattoos of knowledge and acknowledgement.

I did need to sacrifice everything for nothing in order to decipher if everything means anything at all.

I did need to watch myself evolve into a surprise that is taking a lot longer to recover from — but the residue won’t condense my staunch spirit — ever.

I do fear for tomorrow which means that I am in fact getting older.

I am not afraid.

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