No Presidential Candidate Is Worth My Time

When no highlighted official statement is released by any of you to address the hideous attacks on innocent children and their mothers in Pakistan.

Yes, you casually mentioned it but it was buried under more efficiently trending nonsense.

Because world leaders only get aroused by the magic of oil and economic prosperity.

Global dominance is a huge plus.

Because Pakistan like my country Nigeria and other third world tickets — flourishes under daily strikes that have become familiar and comfortably accepted — as the way things go in countries and continents that don’t deserve global respect or recognition.

They are basically assed out.

So, how dare you send your concrete statements from your instituted podium as if you really care. How dare you act as if being the liaison between the Unites States and Fucking America, and the world at large is a mission that only the pope could understand

No, motherfuckers — I could be president of this foiled nation. I could step outside the encased rhetoric and notice the destruction and deadly filth eroding a huge panel of the planet — and vouch my feelings of dread on a platform supposedly built on hope and peace.

Celebrities and money-stewed assholes tweet their trash when cities of opulence are hit with bombs and explosions.

They change their avatars as a badge of defiance as they go back to the business of convincing us that Batman v. Superman will be a hit because most of us are suckers for the overly oiled offerings.

But children are burning to the ground in Nigeria and Pakistan and blood-stained mothers are littering the ground as family members close their nostrils in attempts to recover the dead.

And yet. We pose. We pose for the world in gallantly unfolded selfies. We toy with the proposal that being American now means positioning candidates against themselves as we find 1001 ways to deliver Donald Trump to the masses — so we keep our jobs.

The world is fucked. So am I. And so are you.

We are drenched in the sweat of callousness and nonchalance.

We don’t give a damn and even when we consider that thought — once we are privy to the number of likes our late night selfies garner — the quest for righteousness disappears.

We need Allah. Jesus. Buddha.

Christ we need to start over.

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