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Actress Salma Hayek fulfilling her civic duty

Nigeria Never Planned to #BringBackOurGirls

The price for freedom. How much would it cost to release you from the bondage of your captors when they are more powerful and prolific than the government that pledged to honor your pledge of allegiance — as long as that loyalty is rewarded with the assurance that your life will be properly negotiated.

The missing Nigerian schools girls that were brutally abducted from their institution of higher learning in the middle of the night have all undergone gruesome makeovers since their disappearance back in April 2014.

A very catchy and effective hashtag was devised in their honor. World leaders, celebs, and regular folk trying to be socially conscious and trendy at the same time — all adopted the mantra of #BringBackOurGirls to the full extent of its very short run.

As time passes — we have been tortured with glimpses of the girls in unnatural surroundings that seem to indicate that they are living in an area that is apparently unreachable. Some of them found an escape route and reported their unfathomable ordeal with tired accuracy. Some have been married off and forced into premature motherhood.

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The missing girls languishing in their new home

The rest remain imprisoned by a terrifying mastermind who with help of his well-armed henchmen — plans to continue this reign of terror and disorder for as long as his privilege allows.

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The endorsed Mad Man at the center of this well-orchestrated masterplan.

I have written extensively about the plight of the school girls and how it perfectly illustrates my memories of a country that never cared anything about its citizens. As the world mourned the fate of children who are way too young to be caricatures of political and religious pollution — I emphatically stood my ground about how this nightmare was never going to end.

The never-ending story of governmental abuse with the mix of bribery and corruption is a tale that will continue for as long as designated regions in the hot flashes of the map — keep lighting up with durability.

The only reason why President Obama met with President Muhammadu Buhari was to secure the liquid gold that continues to give wealthy folks around the globe — the bankability to thrive without restrictions.

I love Obama and Michelle but they honestly didn’t give a hoot about the girls from a secondary school in Nigeria — who are presently being abused and brain-washed by one of the most formidable terrorists cells in the world.

Boko Haram has succeeded where others also excelled.

It’s not hard to decapitate the sensors of a nation that is basically motivated by greed and an established incoherency. Nigeria is woefully dependent on a structural model that is simplistically dire in its quest.

None of our leaders past and present held offices out of the need to lead their people to the promise land. As a child in the eighties I was fascinated with the chaos that overshadowed my ability to rest comfortably with the knowledge — that I was living in a society that embraced my right to live with dignity and grace.

I am still struggling with that particular need.

But, back then — military coups and failed policies ruled the itinerary of my existence — and this method of treatment signaled the tragedies on the horizon. And so, here we are.

War Against Indiscipline (WAI).

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Law and Order not maintained

Buhari was the president back in 1983. He ruled until he was ousted in a coup that he survived in 1985. Before he left office he initiated — War Against Indiscipline — in an attempt to prove that he was ready to clean the streets — by forcing Nigerians to adhere to rules that were in place for our betterment.

It worked for maybe six months and then it was back to business as usual.

The Nigerian government is incapable of honoring the code of responsibility. Regulations and complete unity under the guidance of a pipeline that features key representatives — inhabiting the space that delegates their specific roles — is beyond reasonable reach.

All we have are — our missing girls, a band of weaponed misfits that currently rule our temperament — and a Head of State who prefers to watch from afar with blank involvement as he instructs his puppets to lie on his behalf.

The missing Chibok girls aren’t missing anymore. They are merely trying to adjust to the reality they didn’t choose but robotically embrace because the alternative is intolerable.

They already knew the moment they were swiped from their beds with the remnants of the mosquito net still plastered to their faces — that there would be no search and rescue. They knew right away that life will consist of sporadic mental strength with bouts of disbelief and fear becoming the potent legitimacy.

This game of cat and mouse is officially over.

Nigeria never meant to find the Chibok Girls. That would take selfless precision that almost matches the heavyweight of Western alliances — who are able to bomb the hell out of Syria — in a bid to kill enough civilians standing in the way of justice and global bank accounts.

No, the country of my heritage isn’t quite savvy enough to protect lives — while also balling for its interests in a market that could’ve literally quenched the bloody thirst of Boko Haram — while also keeping our streets paved with the gold of our non-surrender.

Nigerians are trapped in the clueless and dangerous mind of a former leader who is riding the wave of disillusionment — that was born out of needless nostalgia and well-packaged vengeance.

This tradition of chaos has unfortunately devoured the future of a group of girls — that were smart enough to lead the world into remission.

They were the scientists that we cry for every time a loved one breathes a last breath from the termination of cancer. They were the economists who would erase the blithering reputation of Nigeria’s financial catastrophe. They were the educators who were supposed to give back what they learned.

The price for their return proved to be too high.

No global organization has offered to foot the bill because human lives these days don’t carry the same value. The exchange rate has been on a fluctuating cycle and it currently has no allowances for native girls stuck in a forest — with grown men raping, killing and boasting about how they’ve successfully held superpowers at bay — while they continue to feast on the ripe and the righteous.

Another video depicting the Chibok Girls was recently released. This time it is clear that the war is over. Boko Haram won. An outcome that was absolutely not hard to predict — but the reality is still difficult to accept without goose bumps.

It is shameful to be connected to a place like Nigeria — that readily sacrifices the ones who were not lucky enough to getaway.

So many of us who hit the lottery of abandonment — praise the otherwise positive afflictions of our very rich and substantial tradition. We try to ignore the other side of the landscape because it’s too far away to avoid discrimination.

I choose not to pretend that I was born on the right side of things.

It is disgustingly obvious that children in Syria, Nigeria, and wherever else that fits into the narrative of #NoLivesMatter — have nothing to rely on except the good graces of the gods that must congregate to drive us utterly crazy.

All this to assure you that Nigeria never meant to #BringBackOurGirls. Obama knew it and so did everyone else. Except you.

We should pray that they #KeepOurGirlsAlive.

Use that hashtag from henceforth.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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