The fake Black woman with her captives, Izaiah (l) and Franklin (R)

Netflix’s “The Rachel Divide” Is The Evidence of Abuse Against Black Children That Can’t Be Denied

You’re also going to detest Rachel Dolezal even more than you already do

Ezinne Ukoha
10 min readMay 2, 2018


Spoilers ahead

First off — Netflix’s The Rachel Divide is a hot mess — from start to finish. Director Laura Brownson’s brave attempt at presenting one of the most hated women in America in a more relatable and empathetic light — wasn’t achievable for many reasons —and the main culprit is Rachel Dolezal’s incoherency — which makes her grossly unlikeable.

The documentary should also have a trigger alert for Black people — who like me — are still reeling from the shocking and unbearably disturbing aftermath following the tragic deaths of six Black adopted children — who were willfully murdered by their abusive mothers — some weeks ago.

Once it became clear that the lesbian White couple who posed as decent human beings with a penchant for saving Black children from neglect — were actually undercover criminals — who subjected these poor Black kids to extreme cruelty — including forced starvation — I began to ponder how and why the signs of mistreatment were not only ignored — but also irresponsibly downplayed.

Of course the answer lies in the fact that those who witnessed the madness — were reluctant to accept the reality of how two White women who demonstrate the falsehood of being “woke” enough to nurture their Black children to the point of hawking them around for attention and possibly fame — which was recklessly done with Devonte Hart — could also be real life monsters — capable of drugging their kids — and packing them in an SUV for the purpose of deliberately driving off a steep cliff.

As the case of the Hart family continues to evaporate with unanswered questions and the pain of never finding the closure and justice for the Black children — who were damned the moment those White women got their hands on them — I continue to be assaulted by the realization that their harrowing predicament is actually quite common.

As we dive deeper into Dolezal’s past — her childhood inevitably comes up— and — yes — it’s just as fucked up as we imagined it to be. Her White parents were ultra-religious —…