Yeah, WTF?

Netflix’s ‘Friends From College’ Is More Like “Friends From Hell”

And with any luck it will burn away…(Spoiler Alert)

Ezinne Ukoha
5 min readJul 16, 2017


It’s becoming blatantly clear that Netflix is betting on shows that look like they have enough juice for a healthy lifespan based on the immaculately assembled cast and the trendy interface of “living life on the edge” even when there’s no plausible reason why that should be the case.

My relationship with Netflix is reminding me of the instances when we start hanging out with a cool guy who consistently gives you hints that things are headed in the right direction — until he does something that forces you to hit the brakes. It’s not bad enough to make you bail, but it does warrant the need to proceed cautiously.

When Gypsy premiered not too long ago — I was curious but not hopeful. I could sense the direction of the series and after accommodating every episode — I felt vindicated for my premature assumptions. Naomi Watts embodies a woman who basically has the life that most would kill for — except it’s not enough to keep her from fueling a double-life.

This detour is supposed to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, but only serves as the annoying proof that privileged White ladies don’t give a damn about how good they have it.

There seems to be a virus brewing that is attacking our ability to watch quality original fare without breaking out in hives at the audacity of its creation. The reason this happens is simply because of the trend that is soaked in the bloodless narcissistic quest — to build characters that are so bored that they actively seek chaos and mayhem within the stability of their elite status.

Enter the latest offering — Friends From College — another disappointing and pointless outing that focuses on the zigzag interactions of a group of Ivy Leaguers, who are fast approaching the dreaded big 4–0. Naturally that is the incentive for outlandish tendencies and the emotional upheaval that forms when you are above average and still feel woefully inadequate.

First off, it’s quite challenging buying the fact that these people are actually longtime friends. There is absolutely no chemistry whatsoever, and the worst of it is the token Asian actress who is obviously…