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Nabra Hassanen’s Death Is A “Hate Crime” and That’s Why You Don’t Care

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m human. I wonder why I have so much time to ponder and stew over the blatant injustice that has become an endorsed way of life.

We no longer have anything remotely resembling investigative journalism — unless of course Donald Trump takes a gigantic dump in the carpeted entrance of his choosing — then, and only then do the trumpets sound and cable news goes into high gear to ensure online traffic and secured ratings.

The news is presented without consideration for the victims, families in distress or petrified readers — trying to grasp the belligerent headlines that lead to dicey details — about an occurrence that warrants so much and yet contains nothing more than the proof that we as a people are almost beyond salvaging.

When I heard about Nabra Hassanen’s murder — I knew instantly that she was targeted because of her religion.

Hassanen was walking with a large group of teenagers on a Sunday morning — after leaving a local mosque in Fairfax County, Virginia. The story goes that they stopped to get a bite to eat — and then apparently one of the teenagers on a bicycle got into a heated argument with twenty-two-year old Darwin Martinez Torres. According to police — the situation “escalated” — causing Torres to get out of his car and proceed to chase the teens — armed with a baseball bat.

Holy shit! I guess traffic arguments can lead to young Muslims running for their lives to escape an enraged maniac who won’t rest until he snatches one of them and beats them to a bloody pulp.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re told happened on that fateful morning when Nabra Hassanen (who as far as we know wasn’t the initiator or aggressor in this scenario) was forcibly separated from the group — beaten half to death with a baseball bat — tossed into Torres’ vehicle — sexually assaulted — and then thrown into a pond where she was eventually discovered.

Road rage is the official cause of death.

We are supposed to believe that Nabra Hassanen died because some pyscho driver was pissed beyond belief at the sight of a group of young Americans — walking in his view — while one or two maneuvered their bikes in his direction. This disturbance caused this person to freak out to the point of no return.

The conclusion by the authorities in Virginia isn’t that surprising when you consider the location of the crime. That state is racist as fuck. From the town hall to the benches of the beloved farmer’s market — if I were Muslim — I sure as hell wouldn’t take up residency in a place that is so blatantly hostile to anyone who isn’t Anglo Saxon.

But, that’s just it — America made a promise that it historically refuses to keep.

This isn’t the land of the free or the home of the brave — unless your template is acceptable to a population that can’t see past Red, White and Blue.

Nabra Hassanen’s death is the pure definition of a hate crime, and that’s why you don’t care at all about the fact that what we’re being told is incoherently packaged — to enhance the feeding frenzy — encouraging this level of inhumanness.

How is it that we’ve become so mentally challenged and irrevocably mellow — that we no longer persistently and diligently present the matter at hand with the dignified penmanship it demands — particularly when there are obvious loopholes gaping for closure.

Every single article I read about Hassanen’s case softly echoed the possibility that “road rage” might not have been the only reason why she was bludgeoned to death — after being repeatedly raped. Other outlets that are mired by extreme allegiance to Trump’s America — presented their versions with skeletal facts that conveyed the sentiment that these young Muslims were in the wrong place at the wrong time and pissed off the wrong American.

Hassanen died because of her faith. She was a sacrificial figure that got caught in the net that is currently expanding — in order to contain the contaminated and the condemned.

White men can go on a rampage by slicing and dicing innocent victims who don’t look like they belong in a country with an anthem that claims a lot of shit that it doesn’t deliver. These men are regulated as “mentally unstable” because why else would a White person commit a crime?

Hassanen wasn’t physically killed by a White man — but her blood is splattered all over the White man who calls The White House his temporary residence — as he breathes fire into willing participants that are being transformed into homegrown terrorists.

So, you’re worried about Black men in hoodies or Black women and Muslim teens violating traffic laws? I have news for you — the terror you fear isn’t safely buried under the rubble of war torn Syria or any of the places that you scroll past in order to get to the territories that matter.

Your nightmare is unfolding across the street, next to your eco-conscious vehicle or literally in the same car of the train that won’t take you where you were hoping to end up.

A hate crime is a traditional offense like murder, arson, or vandalism with an added element of bias. For the purposes of collecting statistics, the FBI has defined a hate crime as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.” Hate itself is not a crime — and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties.

I guess the FBI isn’t ready to adhere to the standards that are supposed to be upheld when situations warrant such actions. Law enforcement is content to sit back and allow a young girl to perish needlessly because she answered the Call to Prayer — instead of reciting The Lord’s Prayer.

So-called journalists print the classic bullshit in order to perpetuate the notion that “maybe” there is something to be concerned about — and guess what? We will continue to fan those flames until you get distracted by the crucifixion of another person of color or scandalous faith — at the hands of a blood-sucking hero.

And then — there’s you.

What the hell do you think about all this? I mean, I realize that your feeds and timelines need your complete devotion at all times — but when you manage to revert back to consciousness — what do make of this shit and how long can you remain brain dead?

I know you don’t care. I guess you care now, at this moment because I’m ramming it against your face, but once you click away — the stream will continue to shift and your selfies will merge with Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat link.

You don’t hate Kylie. You love her. Maybe seventeen-year-old Nabra did too. And now we will never know.

Correction: Torres isn’t a citizen — but an illegal immigrant. This fact gives conservatives the bait they need to continue the quest of making it almost impossible for immigrants to survive in a country that is turning against them.

Yet, White supremacists are allowed to kill anyone that looks threatening — at will. This apparently isn’t terrorism.

It’s called “cleaning house.”

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