My Thoughts On #BlackPanther, The Movie I Haven’t Seen

Ezinne Ukoha
6 min readFeb 17, 2018

So, I haven’t seen Black Panther — but it feels like I have because the heightened climate in anticipation of the film’s arrival has been staggeringly infectious. And while joyful and historic occasions are rare and endearing — they can also be unbearably annoying — thanks to the tools that were constructed to turn against us.

My thoughts on the superhero blockbuster that’s holding the world hostage are many and varied but the first item on the list is how disappointing it is to have your worst fears realized. We all comprehend the wildness of social media — particularly Twitter — where I spend a shitload of my time.

Weeks before the grand premiere — the energy was already building up in ways that demonstrated what was to come.

Unfortunately, I’m not a film critic with strong ties to the industry — which could’ve afforded me the treat of seeing a screener before regular folks. The other issue is my present location and the complexities that restrain me from being able to join the eager crowd in the honor of viewing early previews or even showings during the conveniently long weekend.

That being said — it’s been quite fascinating internalizing the reaction of users who can’t wait to share pretty much everything about this life-altering event. The African-inspired garments that are splattered all over my timeline are a heartwarming sight and remind me of how my mother tried in vain to convince me to wear the tailored dresses she would bring during her visits. The exhilarating testimonies — accompanied by evidential images of well-connected activists or people “that know the right people” — have been filtering in with rapid authority — and of course there’s that feeling that your “loser status” picked the wrong time for activation.

But what’s even more defeating is the audacity of most — who are too caught up in the global competition that requires being armed with the perfect Tweet and think pieces — that will finally provide the endorsement that has taken too long to garner. This observation comes on the heels of stumbling upon posted monologues that reveal vital parts of the film — as well as the very last line uttered by T’Challa — with quick summations of its poignantly derived relevance.