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The Women.

My Black History Month Playlist, Part Deux

Love Letters to the movement

Black History Month is upon us — and this year more than ever — there is a need to make the month count for something. It’s dope to have this time to celebrate all the ways in which we excel — despite all the shit stacked up against us — but we can’t ignore that our gorgeously complex disposition never takes a break from the responsibility of being — unapologetically Black.

As always — my goal is to take a look back at the stuff I’ve shared over time — in order to re-assure and re-assess my ability to convey how I feel about the past and present — and how it all factors into the journey ahead.

I can’t stop talking or writing — and that can be both therapeutic and exhausting — but more than anything — I’m grateful for the opportunity and freedom of expression — because I couldn’t possibly have it any other way!

Layered Legacy

The abuse from White America

The sting of injustice

For my girls

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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