Dollars billowing in the wind

I should have learned to scale the oversized barks of entitlement

The scabs from continually trying reopen

And then close

It itches and hurts

As I observe with sweaty recline

The green and the greener

Climb without fail or even effort

Plucking away with feverish gusto

Never a thought to the height of achievement

Or the long way down

I patiently wait my turn as it swings around


Grasping with all my might

Deleting the weight of what is owed and outstanding

Rejecting the notion of services rendered

For free

Abdicating the thought of blighted retirement

Releasing the accumulated years of a wearied vault filled with chipped quarters and faded dimes

I punish the reactivated lesions on thighs, arms and hands

I climb

The wind blows harder than ever before

I hold on

The mighty branch slaps me in response to my halted adherence

I fall

The ground receives the weight of my debt

The trees are suddenly calm and still

For the climbers ahead

I turn green. And wait.


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