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Wallow in the deep, freshen tears of gunk under lids of heavy lightness.

Checkered flightiness of old card, fluctuated in the steam of closed faces,

dipping with functional debris, means allowing them to take the lead.

In and out of conscience tests, the display proves loss of cells,

in the battle of sealed nuances.

Sheepish pebbles congregate to be counted in webs of pained pleasure.

Chains of bed sheets curtail sounds of paralysis as the mind wonders in a vacuum.

Fleeing with army of invisibles is the satellite of rescues, that distills urgency.

Over and under the waves of emotions that splash around with chartered danger,

bottled in traps of gilded secrecy.

Angelic demons hide under covers of sheer netting as profound bait

strangles linens that wrap around with hints of violence, creating a flimsy fortress.

Careless papers of notes, and the messaging of left-behinds adorn perforations,

stranded in the vileness of barricaded bereavement that dissolves negotiations,

into the symbols of worn-out caskets with teary entombment.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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